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Thermaltake V9

Posted January 21, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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In the world of design, there are no perfect solutions, there are always compromises; point, counterpoint. Such is the case here with the Thermaltake V9, a tower that affords little originality but offers some improvements that plagued the Antec 900, not to mention costing a bit less as well. Frankly, the V9 is a product of distinct peaks and valleys, opposites and counterbalances. It is light, but the steel is thin and less sturdy as a result. Cable management is quite good, but lacks some of the basic principles that should be obvious at the early design stages. It offers some innovative ideas, but the execution is lacking in some regards.

The V9 is a difficult tower to dislike, nor does it reach out and cause me to love it wholeheartedly either.  It offers some great treademark Thermaltake features and design aesthetics, fighting the urge to become some cliché overblown gamer case, and showing moderate restraint in the end.  Great cooling, good cable management, and lovely aesthetics are hallmarks of a great tower, and the V9 does not disappoint in those regards.  But quality issues and questionable design implementation on a few details sober the experience here to a degree.  Coming in just over $100 USD at online retailers, the V9 is less expensive than certain competitors, and does offer Thermaltake’s pedigree in return.  It does not excel in any particular area, but it does perform well in all aspects.  As such, the V9 is a good all-around case, performing a successful balancing act of form and function.

The Thermaltake V9 is a good case that offers many positive things, not exceptional in any particular area but definitely well enough in many to garner a recommendation from us.



Thermaltake V9

Our thanks go to Thermaltake for providing the V9 for this review.



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