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Thermaltake SpinQ – 1366

Posted May 18, 2009 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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The Thermaltake SpinQ is an exercise in design excellence; it really is a gorgeous cooler, from the chrome-like finish to the unique helical shape, this is a sublime example of successful design. Even so, beauty is only skin deep, and performance is what ultimately counts when the layers are peeled back. The SpinQ’s cooling performance is good in handling a Core i7 quad core precessor at stock speeds, and while it does manage to keep a highly overclocked beast under control, it’s not the top performer out there.

The installation of the SpinQ is more convenient than most other coolers we’ve reviewed due to its cylindrical design that allows a good bit of working room. The cooler isn’t terribly heavy either, so the push pin mounting method here is acceptable and a backplate isn’t really necessary. This is handy since you won’t need to remove the motherboard in order to install the SpinQ. Listing for approximately $60 USD, the price is competitive with other top coolers on the market.

In the end, the choice here is much the same as the old adage, "Does form follow function?" The answer entirely depends on what you value the most. As it relates to the SpinQ, the answer is probably somewhere in the middle, since it may not be the top performing cooler on the market, but it is a good all-around product, offering solid performance and a gorgeous and unique look. If you’re searching for new Core i7 cooler that is eye-catching, then the SpinQ should be near the top of your list.


Thermaltake SpinQ

Our thanks go to Thermaltake for providing the SpinQ for this review.



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