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Thermaltake Spedo Advance

Posted October 2, 2008 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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It’s clear that Thermaltake has a winner with the Spedo Advance Package. It has the style, the room, and the cooling that enthusiasts look for in a case. Thermaltake has done a great job and once again, the Spedo is a very solid case, just what you would expect from Thermaltake.? The Spedo’s two 230mm fans, two rear 120mm and front 140mm all do their job extremely well.? Add the adjustable fan bar, and you have a case that gives you complete control over cooling. There are only a couple drawbacks here that are worth noting: first, the Spedo is a little too heavy if LAN parties are your thing; and second, the ATC is certainly innovative but it doesn?t appear to offer any added performance benefit from a temperature standpoint.

As far as looks, the Spedo has it all, both inside and out.? The black interior will showcase your hardware, and the exterior lines evoke an aggressive aesthetic without being garish. Installing a complete high-end system was a breeze, and things never felt crowded during the process. Thermaltake has produced a real winner here, fusing style and functionality at an attractive price for a full-featured case.? Thermaltake informed me that the Spedo will be available in October and will cost approximately $198.00 USD, with the Advance Package costing approximately $249.00 USD. This puts the Spedo in a competitive market for premium cases, but after seeing this case up close, we have no doubts this case is a top pick.




Thermaltake Spedo Advance

Our thanks go to Thermaltake for providing the V14Pro for this review.



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