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Thermaltake Massive23 ST

Posted October 22, 2009 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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The Thermaltake Massive23 ST notebook cooler is a rather simple and straightforward product, and brings some great ideas to the table with quiet noise levels and USB-powered operation that doesn’t require a power brick to use it.

In terms of aesthetics, the Massive 23 ST looks sleek and contemporary, continuing Thermaltake’s usual sharp styling, and the finish is beautiful. It would look right at home attached to just about any notebook. The construction of the cooler itself is excellent as well, and it’s built like a tank, almost too heavy in fact.

The Massive23 ST isn’t terribly portable, however, and not really designed for people on the go in my estimation. But for stationary desk work or sitting at home on the couch, it’ll do just fine. Yet it is very comfortable and offers great ergonomics for typing. Really, the only problem here we see is the performance, and unfortunately that’s a significant criterion for a notebook cooler. The performance of the cooler was disappointing, dropping both the CPU and HDD temperatures each by only 1° Celsius. Of course, there is a chance different notebook models
may show improved performance but we didn’t see it with our Dell.

Retailing for about $40 USD, the Thermaltake Massive23 ST notebook cooler provides an excellent mix of sharp aesthetics, quiet fan operation, great ergonomics for typing, but it’s rather large and not very portable. And the cooling performance is satsifactory. Thermaltake hit the nail on the head with most major criteria for the Massive23 ST, but I think they unfortunately didn’t entirely hit the mark on cooling. This cooler comes so darn close to being a great product but the uninspiring performance really handicaps the end result.


Thermaltake Massive23 ST Notebook Cooler

Our thanks go to Thermaltake for providing the Massive23 ST for this review.



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