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Thermaltake Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard

Posted December 17, 2010 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Aesthetically speaking, the Thermaltake Challenger Pro just oozes style once it’s plugged in and all lit up. Functionally, the keyboard does a great job at what it was designed to do. The build quality of the keyboard is excellent, and after many hours of hammering the keys like there was no tomorrow, there were no signs of flex, in the board itself or the keys. The ghosting capabilities are very good as well.

The software that comes with this board is pretty basic and straightforward and is very simple to use. The visual design of the GUI is bang on; its simplicity is a very welcome one, it shouldn’t overwhelm anyone whom has never had a gaming keyboard before.

That being said, the overall package here in the Thermaltake eSports Challenger Pro is well rounded, providing some great features like backlit keys for gaming in the dark, programmable macro keys, and USB ports. These aren’t innovative or new technologies, as they’ve been around for a few years now but are nice to have in any event. The docking fan is innovative but we’re not sure it’s entirely necessary. It would be very interesting if Thermaltake offered other docking hardware that could be used interchangeably, such as a docking light for example.

With a price tag around $70 USD, the Challenger Pro is reasonably priced against the competition for what’s being offered here. If you’re in the market for a gaming keyboard with sharp styling and has all the features of a gaming/multimedia keyboard, the Thermaltake Challenger Pro is worth a very good look.

Thermaltake Challenger Pro



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