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Thermalright – True Spirit 120m CPU Cooler

Posted January 4, 2013 by Kenny in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: $42.90 on Amazon.com


Great Thermal Performance, ZERO RAM interference and Easy Installation.


A little loud at full throttle
Thermalright designed a great value CPU Cooler with excellent aesthetic appeal and thermal performance and meets the demand of most high end CPU Processors available today.
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by Kenny
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First, let’s take a look at the aesthetic appeal of the Thermalright True Spirit 120m. While the yellow fan isn’t the color of choice for all PC builders, we found it to be unique and really gave the cooler a nice touch. With the correct hardware choice this cooler can really be pleasing to the eye. We saw this with our test bench set-up as it matched great with our ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 and its gold lettering and caps. Also, our RAM choice with the Crucial Ballistic Tacticals really made the clear yellow fan blade fit right in.

The cooler’s unique design with the ZERO RAM interference was also another strong feature to this cooler. This will allow users to have more RAM options and also keep tall heat spreaders from getting in the way. Not only that, the single tower feature makes it easier to work with most modern motherboards in today’s market without blocking any of the heat sinks and ports. The 4 unique curved copper heat pipes help with heat dissipation and allowed the aluminum fins to exhaust the heat off the processor.

While aesthetics are only one part of selecting a cooler, we also saw that the Thermalright True Spirit 120m did a great job in thermal performance. Even with our OC settings at 4.4ghz we maxed out at 67c which is under Intel’s thermal MAX. The Cooler does allow for an additional 120mm fan for extra cooling; however, as we have seen in the past, air coolers configured in push pull configuration only yield at most 1-2c of additional cooling performance, so this is hardly negligible.

During the thermal testing we had the fan ramped to full RPMs and we noticed the fan was a little bit on the louder side, although it was not unbearable. We find this to be a similar case with most air coolers available in today’s market. Since the Thermalright True Spirit 120m uses standard 120mm fitment fans, finding alternative fans to fit your needs is another great option.

Overall we feel Thermalright did an excellent job with the True Spirit 120m. The cooling performance at the price point of $42.90 on Amazon.com is a great value. This will leave you room to add additional fans for additional performance without breaking the bank. We give this cooler a Great Hardware Review for its excellent thermal performance and great bang for your buck value.



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