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Thermalright Spitfire & VRM-R5 VGA Cooler

Posted May 24, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Spitfire: Specifications & Package

According to Thermalright, here are the major features and specifications of the Spitfire:

  • 6 x Sintered Nickel-Plated Heatpipes, provides the GPU with the best cooling technology while capable of withstanding many years of operation
  • 160 x 150mm of dissipating area. Can be used in conjunction with case with side-panel fans (Passive cooling), or can also be actively cooled with 14 or 12cm fans (fan clips included, additional fans sold separately).
  • Double-sided copper base. Which allows two methods of installing your Spitfire to best suit your system.
  • Unique High-riser patented fins, allowing for unparallel cooling and near silent operation.
  • Support Pillar Hardware included, the Spitfire VGA cooler includes additional support hardware to prevent VGA card droop.
  • Soldered Heat-pipes, Fins and Copper Base, ensure all components maintain the highest of Thermal Efficiency
  • Dimension: 147mm x 123mm 154mm
  • Weight: 550g (excluding fan and mounting hardware)
  • Heat-pipe: 6mm sintered heat-pipes, 6 units
  • Material: C1100 Pure copper with Nickel Platinum (base and heat-pipes), aluminum (fins)
  • Mounting Hardware: Hold down plate, Backplate & cushing padding, Ram heatsinks, Screw Nuts, Multiple-thread screws, 12cm & 14cm Fan wire clips, Thumb screws, Copper Pillars, Adapter Bar, Rubber washers, Metal rods, Support bars, Thermal paste.
  • Compatibility: Most ATI Radeon series and NVIDIA GeForce series. See list here: http://www.thermalright.com/new_a_page/product_page/vga/vga_page/spitfire.html
  • Cost: $68.95 USD

The Spitfire comes in a plain brown cardboard box with Thermalright logo printed on the top and the product name on the side.  The cooler is well protected by Styrofoam pads.  The Spitfire was specifically designed for side-panel type fan cooling. It can be used passively or active by installing a 14cm or 12cm fan.  Included are tool-less mounting mechanism hardware, an installation guide and case sticker.

Let’s take a closer look at the heatsink itself.

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