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Thermalright Archon SB-E X2 CPU Cooler

Posted February 15, 2013 by Kenny in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: Amazon for $84.90


Great thermal performance with overclock settings, quiet performing fans, 2x140mm fans included.


Installation hardware may pose problems with some motherboards.
Thermalright has developed a sleek slim tower design cooler with great thermal performance without the sacrifice of RAM Interference.
by Kenny
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Closer Look

The quality of the aluminum fins, including the fit and finish, is impressive. As you can see here, the fins were stacked in equal cuts and the brushed finish really gives this cooler a nice aesthetic appeal. You can also see the heatpipes rise right through the cooler’s fins to assist in heat dissipation.

Here is another look at the cooler from a different angle.

Here’s a side view of the cooler, showcasing that this is a “slim” tower design.

Looking at the top of the cooler, you will find that both sides of the cooler were designed to be equal. This will be helpful as it can be mounted in either direction and not set in one particular format for fitment. As you can see, there are is a large amount of heatpipe ends at the top.

Even though this cooler is a slim design, you will see that it houses eight heatpipes for thermal assistance! The copper heatpipes have been nickel plated to give it that great aesthetic appeal without sacrificing thermal performance. Each heatpipe has been uniquely placed in a position that will provide equal thermal performance.

At the bottom here, we have the copper base that has been nickel-plated to a mirror finish. We found this to be pleasing and will also help ensure that the heatsink is seated flat on the processor.

Before we move forward to show you how our installation went, let’s take a look at the 2x140mm fans that were included. While the color of the fans is a bit unusual, we found the quality to be top notch. We also realized it would match up great with the Sabertooth series motherboards from ASUS. This may be a plus for those running these boards and we already know finding components to match the motherboard colors can sometimes be a challenge.

Let’s move forward to our installation on our Intel Test bench.

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