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Tesoro Excalibur Mechanical Keyboard Review

Posted October 31, 2014 by Jake in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $89


Minimalist and uncomplicated design; Very well priced; Solidly built; Choice of mechanical switches; Macros


No wrist rest; No USB or Audio ports; No cable routing grooves
Reliable, solid mechanical keyboard that won't break the bank and has all the essentials covered,
by Jake
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Mechanical boards have become all the rage, and it’s easy to see why. After you’ve used one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without, shunning the membrane boards for the sexy individual switch designs. There’s something refreshingly satisfying about a keyboard that provides real feedback, rather than sitting there like a piece of wasted plastic.

Having used many keyboards in my day, I am a huge fan of the mechanical design, and the Tesoro Excalibur G7NL is a rather good variant in the crowded mechanical keyboard market. Quite interestingly, for a board that’s targeted to gamers, it’s surprisingly minimalist in design. Some might call it plain, others may call is simple and uncomplicated. Regardless of your perspective, there’s nothing extraneous on this board, no unnecessary add-ons or fancy frills.

That said, it’s built rather well, though a bit chunky in its ergonomics, but the keys are comfortable and have good action (depending which switches you order). The Cherry Blue switches we reviewed here aren’t the best for gaming, but the Excalibur does come in Brown, Black, or Red, so you have the choice to suit your preferences.

The lighting effects are top notch, something great to see on a modestly-priced keyboard. Full key rollover is somewhat rare in most mainstream keyboards, particularly on a budget board, and while some may call it overkill, clumsy users will surely love it. The font choice on the Excalibur G7NL is someone futuristic, though still very legible, unlike the tiny font on a Das keyboard.

There are a few downsides here.There aren’t any USB or audio ports, and no cable routing grooves on the back of the board, which is a bit odd for a gaming-oriented keyboard. There also isn’t a wrist rest, and you don’t get advanced features that are often included on premium boards. That said, you do get some impressive bang for your buck for only $89, including illumination, choice of mechanical switch type, profiles,and full N-Key rollover. Essentially, you get all the necessary and important basics without the frills.

There are many other options on the market for mechanical keyboards that cost less or offer more advanced features, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find this combination of solid features and affordable pricing found here on the Excalibur. If you’re looking for a reliable, solid mechanical keyboard that won’t break the bank and has all the essentials covered, then the Tesoro Excalibur G7NL is a great option.

Tesoro Excalibur G7NL Mechanical Keyboard



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