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System Mechanic 12

Posted November 5, 2013 by Mike in Peripherals







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Release Date: Currently available
Price at time of Review: $39.95 to buy, $14.95 per year thereafter


One of the most comprehensive PC maintenance suites you can find, can be as intricate and detailed or as easy to use as you like, operates passively using very little memory, performs regular and unobtrusive checks on your system, proven track record of reliability


It's a bit pricier than most maintenance software and must be renewed every year
This suite of maintenance software has something for every part of your operating system, for users of all levels of experience, and should be a consideration for anyone looking to consolidate their maintenance aides into one, easy to use piece of software.
by Mike
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 Final Thoughts


Let’s be honest with ourselves; most people who visit review sites like this are either existing enthusiasts or aspiring enthusiasts who desire nothing more than to do everything themselves and do whatever it is to the utmost extreme that they can do it. So, when we hear anything about maintenance software that “assists in maintaining your system’s performance,” we generally tend to default to the mindset that whatever it is that’s being sold is snake oil that will actually harm our systems more than it will help them. Thankfully, in the case of System Mechanic 12, we are more than happy to report that this not, in fact, the case.

This software is beautifully bundled in a comprehensive all-in-one software interface that is remarkably lightweight for your system and has more functionality than its outward appearance would seem to indicate. From novice to sage, this software package offers you everything you need to feel a genuine part of you system maintenance, with just enough of the small stuff fully automated to make manual maintenance intervals more akin to modern 10,000 mile oil change intervals. We were especially shocked with what it did for our internet connection. During a two week test with League of Legends, System Mechanic’s influence caused latency to consistently drop to 100 or less. This was during a time of the week in which we would normally experience pings as high as 120. That’s a pretty nice improvement over what we were seeing previously.

SSD optimization is also top notch, making for OS boot times and data acquisition that is closer to what your drives are actually rated for without harming the drive. CRUDD Remover is also lovely for removing redundancies within your program assortment, making sure to help your system make the best use of it’s resources and minimize software conflicts. All of these optimizations and features are hugely important, especially to us gamers who need our systems to run at their peak of performance.

One thing we were a little surprised by was the price. Normally when you see individual pieces of maintenance software, you see them advertised for anywhere from $10 to $20 on average. So, to see the $40 price tag on this suite was a bit of sticker shock at first, and would otherwise have scared us off were it not for the sheer comprehensive nature of the functionality it brings to the table. Paying an extra $15 a year for full software updates for something like this starts to become that much more reasonable when you consider how much everything can change in a year with your system hardware; you will want this suite doing what it does in the right way, and with this software having been out for 15 years and counting, it’s a sure bet that the updates will be more than worth it. Did we mention that it’s a one-time payment each year? $15 is realistically a drop in the bucket.

For providing the masses with excellent maintenance software that is as easy or comprehensive to use as you like with reasonable pricing, we give System Mechanic 12 the PureOverclock Editor’s Choice award.

A big thanks to iolo Systems for allowing us to sample System Mechanic 12, and please feel free to discuss your thoughts in the forums.



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