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System Mechanic 12

Posted November 5, 2013 by Mike in Peripherals







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Release Date: Currently available
Price at time of Review: $39.95 to buy, $14.95 per year thereafter


One of the most comprehensive PC maintenance suites you can find, can be as intricate and detailed or as easy to use as you like, operates passively using very little memory, performs regular and unobtrusive checks on your system, proven track record of reliability


It's a bit pricier than most maintenance software and must be renewed every year
This suite of maintenance software has something for every part of your operating system, for users of all levels of experience, and should be a consideration for anyone looking to consolidate their maintenance aides into one, easy to use piece of software.
by Mike
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Installation and Gadget At-A-Glance

Installation of the System Mechanic Software follows your typical installation protocol of reading the Terms of Use, entering your product key, and selecting the drive where you wish for this to be installed. For those interested, I would recommend installing something like this on the primary drive that your OS is on, be it an SSD, an HDD, or RAID array.

The first thing you will notice after installation is the presence of this little gadget in the top right corner of your screen. This widget gives you a color-coded gauge to notify you of current system “condition,” ranging in color from green being good to red being bad. This system health is separated into two categories: Operating System health, and Security health. Their averages are combined into the large total health bar at the top. This widget also notifies you of how long it has been since System Mechanic checked your system, and what was done the last time. Simply click the down and up buttons to determine what was last done.

Clicking on the meters presents you with a more in-depth view of the health of your system, as well as any other specific problems or warnings that might be present. As this member of the review staff keeps their system in impeccable (*snicker*) condition, there are no problems or warnings to report; If there is ever anything displayed that you know to be a non-issue based on your present system configuration, you may disable the warnings about those particular conflicts.

Clicking on Recent Actions gives you a more in-depth listing of all of the most recent actions to be performed on your system with the software suite, as well as the day and time in which the action as performed. This can be especially useful in back-tracking with your system should this correlate with any system change that would be a result of the software’s interaction with your OS.

Clicking on Shortcuts grants you with a quick list of many of the specific tasks available to you without having to double-click on any icon for the minimum software interface. We found this feature particularly useful, as these shortcuts allowed us to effortlessly navigate our way through to most anything we would use on a regular basis; the list of available actions was clearly very well thought out by iolo on this one.

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