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SWIFTECH H320 X2 Review

Posted March 22, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $185 on Newegg


Excellent Cooling Performance, Low Noise levels, Superior build quality, Great Aesthetics, Everything else about this unit!


Included thermal paste performed poorly
With the price, performance and quality, anyone serious about an AIO liquid cooling solution should immediately go to the new X2 series from SWIFTECH. They have a great variety of size ranges so that the enthusiast can pick the right unit
by Josh Jackson
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Swiftech H320 (1)From the moment you receive the box, to the point you get to fire up your system, you realize SWIFTECH is committed to bringing the best liquid cooling experience possible. The H320 X2 is the perfect unit for enthusiasts looking to get into liquid cooling, but who aren’t quite ready for figuring out a custom loop. In some ways, the H320 X2 is the unit for custom loop builders who want to save time by not having to build a custom loop. There’s really no other way to describe this unit than a pre-assembled custom loop. Even the term all-in-one doesn’t do SWIFTECH justice and the term closed-loop-cooling is just an atrocity. This unit has a grade A look, feel and quality to it.

Performance is stellar. Sure, the H320 X2 may not have taken every crown, but it’s only a minor fan upgrade from sealing the competition. If you already have some 120mm Noctuas or Cougars lying around, you can add to the performance while saving a few bucks from the Prestige. This doesn’t mean the included Helix fans are bad, it just means there’s higher performers. On the other hand, look no farther than the Prestige unit if you want that extra airflow performance right out of the box. The fact the H320 X2 doesn’t sacrifice acoustics to maintain top of the line performance is stellar. Even if a fan is meant to be loud, it still makes a person think something is wrong with your PC if the noise levels are ridiculously high.

Here’s the crown to take all crowns. The H320 X2 was $165 on Newegg, which is it’s suggested retail price. That being said, the unit is now running $185 there and $190 on Amazon. This is up from when I first checked, which is no doubt due to demand. The suggested retail is still $165 on SWIFTECH’s site, but I’m not sure what the cost of shipping would be. Honestly, this unit is a steal at $165! The quality, performance and features are overwhelming. Is it worth $185? Certainly! I would still recommend waiting until supply levels out with demand, but the unit is certainly deserving of this price in my opinion. Even though the cost is more than your average CLC unit, the extra dollars are certainly worth what you get. We happily award the SWIFTECH H320 X2, the Pure Overclock Editor’s Choice Award!editore_choice_white_bg




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    Alan Davidson

    First of all I want to congratulate Josh on another great review. I read all of them. I have to say I am impressed with the cooler. Yes I have one. The point about the thermal paste is very true, and for the life of me I cant understand why they couldn’t spend a few cents more on Icy Diamond 24Kt. I make the mistake of using theior Thermal paste on my X220 version and for about a month I was blaming high idle temps on the cooler, when I reapplied the Icy Diamond 24KT my temps dropped 6 degrees C. Plus all the cores were very close to same temp, not like before when Core 2 was 38 and Core 0 was 30 etc. All the cores were not further than 2 degrees apart. The cooler is silent. Cools well and looks fantastic. I might try it with some PETG in the future but for now its awesome enough. Thanks Josh.


    I wouldn’t bet on the AMD internal CPU temperatures. Diodes in later AMD CPUs just don’t work properly, so it’s not a good idea to use such CPUs for this kind of comparison.

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