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Swiftech H20-320 Edge Water Cooling Kit

Posted December 22, 2010 by Jake in Cooling



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by Jake
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As we saw today, the H2O-320 Edge is indeed a unique liquid cooling kit. While the H2O-320 Edge may be a pre-fab kit, it still has room for expansion unlike any other sealed kits we’ve seen. It is a new evolution of the water cooling kit and the world’s first “traditional” setup that combines a reservoir, pump and radiator in a whole unit to eliminate the tubing cluster without compromising the performance. Not only does the performance stay impressively strong, the whole setup is extremely user-friendly as well.

Swiftech has spent many hours researching, designing, and testing to provide an extreme performance all-in-one liquid cooling kit. Swiftech also included just about every accessories to make the installation process smooth.

We often see starter kits don’t perform nearly as well as do-it-yourself setups. And hardcore water cooling enthusiasts might look at the H2O-320 Edge as a starter kit and steer away from it. But that would be a mistake. This is no starter kit, and it’s no slouch. As you can see the test results speak loud and clear, and they are very impressive. Even with both a CPU and GPU in the loop, the Edge still chewed through these easily, providing strong temperature results on highly overclocked components. The only difference here from a DIY setup is that Swfitech has pre-packaged everything you need rather than buying the components separately.

Top performance and convenience does come with a price premium though. The H2O-320 Edge retails for $330, which is a hefty price tag for a novice but if you’re serious about water cooling then this price is very reasonable compared to DIY setups where components are purchased individually.

The H2O-320 Edge will save you the worry of selecting the correct combination of components, particularly for novices looking to broaden their horizons in the water cooling world. Even more impressive is that the H20-320 Edge provides the convenience of a do-it-yourself kit without sacrificing performance, which is a rarity among water cooling products from what we’ve seen in our extensive testing. The Swiftech H20-320 Edge is easily the best water cooling kit we’ve tested in 2010 and we have no hesitation in awarding it our top honour.

Swiftech H2O-320 Edge




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