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Swiftech Apogee GTZ

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Contents & Specifications

No fancy pants for the packaging here, it’s just a plain ordinary white cardboard box with black print on a sticky label that seals the lid. The block itself is only wrapped with a thin sheet of foam material for protection, and the copper base surface covered with a typical clear plastic film to cover the scratchable surface.? There isn’t any other Styrofoam forms padding to protect the rest of the accessories. This is a way to reduce some of the production cost because most of users will trash that stuff away anyway, but it seems to be enough to prevent any damage to the block or the accessories.?There is also a one sheet multi-language Installation Guide included, it?s black & white print with four basic steps and diagrams.
It’s all very no-frills and straightforward and uncomplicated. This is a good start.


  • Water-block
  • Retention hardware for Intel? socket 775
  • 1/2" and 3/8" chromed barbs
  • 1/2" and 3/8? reusable plastic clamps
  • Arctic C?ramique thermal paste
  • Motherboard back plate
  • Installation Guide

The Apogee GTZ is a universal block; it?s compatible with most AMD and Intel motherboard sockets but only shipped with an Intel LGA775 socket hold-down bracket.

Availability Retention and Compatibility Socket: 771 and legacy 603, 604

  • Intel? Xeon socket 771, and legacy 603, 604
  • AMD? F and legacy 754, 939, 940
  • Upcoming Intel socket 1366

Notice the last line there……upcoming Intel Socket 1366. Yes people, this block is Nehalem / iCore-compatible. That is excellent news.

Block Base Dimensions:

50mm x 50mm x 7.2mm (2.0? x 2.0? x 0.3?)
Height (including barbs):

37.2mm (1.5?)
Port Threading:

Standard G 1/4"
Barb Size:
Chrome Plated 1/2" & 3/8? bards provided
Net Weight:
Top Material:
CNC machine Delrin
Base Material:
CNC machine C110 copper mirror finished

Swiftech?s engineers went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned the Apogee block.? The GTZ has an entirely new design that pushes and refines both thermal and mechanical specifications to the limits of today’s technology.

Pressure Drop vs Flow Rate

Thermal Design: ?direct coolant impingement over the CPU area….which is primarily characterized by a pin matrix composed of 225 ?m (0.009") micro structures.?This results in a 20% improvement in thermal resistance compared to the Apogee? GTX?.

Flow Rate

System flow Rate: ?When the Apogee? GTZ is integrated in an actual system, the hydraulic pressure drop remains well within the efficiency range of current high-pressure pumps such as the MCP350 or MCP655?

Retention Mechanism: ?An enhanced tool free retention system using thumb-nuts paired with a universal socket 775 motherboard back-plate guarantee high quality, safe and repeatable mounts?.

Comparative Temperature Data: ?The following data is collected from testing performed with actual retail processors under 100% load using CPU Burn. Published results are the best of a minimum of 5 mounts using the manufacturer supplied retention mechanism. Flow rate and coolant inlet temperature were maintained at a constant and arbitrarily chosen 1.5 GPM and 30 ?C respectively.

These results are indicative of Swiftech’s test bench settings and of the tested processors only. Results may vary from one processor to another. Competitive data is provided for comparative purposes, and is only representative of the specific waterblock samples tested here. Where different nozzles were available, best results are provided. Where temperatures only are given, these are averaged- out core values reported by the processor Digital Thermal Sensors (DTS)?.

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