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Sunbeamtech Rheosmart 6 Fan Controller

Posted December 30, 2010 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Features and Package

The features and specifications for the Sunbeamtech Rheosmart 6 follow:

Rheosmart 6 can control up to six fans independently. Fan voltage can be independently controlled from 3.7 – 12 volt and fan can be switched off completely which allows the user to choose between high and ultra-silent cooling operation. An integrated acoustic and visual alarm function warns users from overheating and failure of fans.

  • Part Number: PL-RS-6
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum and Mesh
  • DC Input: +12 V (Standard 4 -Pin Connector)
  • DC Output: 0V – 12 V DC
  • Max Output: 30W x 6
  • 3-Pin Fan Connectors: 6
  • Fan RPM Knobs: 6
  • Compatibility: 5.25" Drive bay
  • Dimensions: (W*H*D) 148mm x 42 mm x 82mm

The Sunbeamtech Rheosmart 6 comes in a primarily blue box with some hints of yellow, and a picture of the unit on the front of the packaging. The back of the box has a simplified diagram of how the Rheosmart 6 works as well as the specifications of the unit.

The Rheosmart 6 comes with a few different leads to hook up your fans:

  • 3-Pin fan monitor cable X2
  • 3-Pin to 4 Pin converter cable X2
  • 3-Pin extension cable X2
  • PWM cable X1
  • Screws X4
  • Sunbeamtech Logo X1
  • Instruction Manual

Let’s take a closer look at the unit itself.

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