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Streacom FC8 EVO Fanless Chassis Review

Posted August 19, 2014 by Kenny in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $199.99 on Amazon.com


Sleek, Elegant and Unique Design, Small Foot Print


Weak Thermal Performance, cramped Heatpipe design for some motherboards, High Price.
Streacom's FC8 EVO Fanless Chassis comes with a sleek, elegant and uniquely designed layout. It's small foot print and silence experience is sure to create a conversation piece in your living room.
by Kenny
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To wrap things up… lets talk about its design concept and its aesthetics. Overall we were very happy with its aesthetics. The sleek lines and curves of the full aluminum chassis really make for a simple but yet elegant design. The design concept is also very intriguing for those looking for that completely silent experience. For those that may be looking to have an HTPC or Media system without the annoyance of fans from typical chassis, this would be ideal for a bedroom since you won’t hear the unit at all. If you plan on using this in a media center in the living room this can operate without anyone knowing you even had a HTPC and can add to a great talking piece in conversations with its size and design.

The installation process and layout of the Streacom FC8 EVO Fanless Chassis was great; the open concept makes things easy since you don’t have any nooks and corners to worry about. While we have one minor quibble with the heat pipe placement for our motherboard this can be something you can avoid by making a better motherboard selection. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have any other motherboards around that could have avoided this. All four of the mini-ITX boards we had available to use had identical layouts for the 24pin.

In terms of thermal performance the chassis did “OK.” While its claims says that it can handle 95watt TDP we feel that the number is really overrated as our 65watt TDP APU chip almost hit its thermal roof under stress testing. While normal condition wouldn’t warranty such harsh testing we are not sure the Streacom FC8 Evo Fanless Chassis can really live up to its 95watt TDP cooling limit. Another item to consider here is the additional heat that would put into the chassis making other vital components subjected to the heat as well. Something to consider when using your best power/thermal judgement call here. We can see a great benefit for someone who may be looking at one of Intel’s new i3-4130T Haswell processors with a “T” at the end which have average TDP of 35watts housing a new HD4400 graphics core. This would be an ideal solution to give the right thermal performance for the FC8 EVO Fanless Chassis.

On one last note, the Streacom NANO150 watt power supply that they sent to us is normally not included with the chassis, but it does give enough power to handle a decent HTPC without overloading it. However, we like to mention that you must be mindful of your hardware selection since you don’t want to pass the wattage expectation.

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Overall, we found the Streacom FC8 EVO Fanless Chassis for $199.99 on Amazon.com and we feel its priced a little on the high side considering that this doesn’t include the price of the NANO150 PSU unit. However, if you taking into account of all the factors we mentioned, we honor the Streacom FC8 EVO Fanless Chassis with our PureOverclock Good Hardware Award.





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    my daily task computer has run 24/7/365 about 4 years now with Impactics C3LH-B passive chassis. I really like my passive cooled comp. So this Streacom chassis uses same kind of cooling and psu system like my setup. works great. i recomend.. its nice and quiet here my living room.

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