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Sparkle Gold Series 1250W Power Supply

Posted August 17, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The Sparkle GW-EPS1250DA (90+) unit is coated in a smoky-silver, with a very smooth and glossy finish, which means that it is very prone to fingerprint marks. The overall aesthetic in a smoky-silver and purple look oddly good together, and will make this power supply stand out. It is a unique color combination but we think it looks pretty actually actually. Additionally, the finish is reasonably prone to scratches, as I did give it a slight push with a screwdriver to test it out. The Sparkle GW-EPS1250DA (90+) is not very large, particularly for a kilowatt+ unit where we’ve seen much larger units, so there shouldn’t be any concerns about space issues inside your case.

Taking a look at the back of the PSU you should notice the different power cable plug-in here; it is not the standard cable that we are used, to seeing the prongs are rotated and the ground is flat compared to the round ones we typically see in North America. The power cable itself is also twice as thick as we normally see with most mid-range units. Other than that we see the typical honey-combed exhaust and the power switch.

The front of the unit is where the action is, as we see the modular cable interface. The cable connectors are the fairly standard "click-in" type and connect directly into the unit housing. The connectors are the same color but they are easy to distinguish between the different types of connectors, so you shouldn’t have any problems with mixups.

The Sparkle GW-EPS1250DA (90+) isn’t fully modular, as the 24-pin and CPU power cable are connected to the unit, although this really isn’t an issue since every system needs these cables anyways, and they won’t add to the mess of unnecessary cable clutter. There is a full complement of cables, as I already listed them in detail at the beginning of the review but will go over it once more here in greater detail. 

The cable lengths for the Sparkle GW-EPS1250DA (90+) are as follows.

  • PCI-e 8pin to 1X6+2 measures 23”
  • PCI-e 8pin to 2X6+2 measure in at 22+6”
  • 5 pin to 3X SATA measures 22”+6’+6”
  • 5 pin to 3X MOLEX +FDD measures 22”+6”+6”+6”+6”

It’s been our experience that 19″ is the absolute minimum for a kilowatt+ unit since they’re often used in full tower cases and can be extremely difficult to reach the hardware if care is taken to route the cables out of sight. Slightly longer would be preferred as we think that’s a more suitable length from our experience. As you can see Sparkle took the lengths into consideration and gave us some very good overall, wel- sleeved cables.

Looking at the specifications we see that the Sparkle GW-EPS1250DA (90+) 6 +12V rails, with all of them rated at 20A, and 1250W combined available. That is more than enough power for any power hungry system, including overclocked Quad Core or Sextuplet CPU’s and dual graphics card setups in Crossfire or SLI.

Let’s open up the unit and see what we have inside.

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