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Sparkle GOLD 850W

Posted September 16, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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Sparkle is on the fast track in regards to expanding their inventory from mainly graphics cards, into the power supply market as well. Aesthetically speaking, this series of power supplies is quite unique but it works, at least for us, and that’s not to say it does or doesn’t for end users. There is only one drawback aesthetically in our opinion and that is the fingerprints that these units seem to attract, this isn’t even close to a deal breaker in any sense of the word, when you look at the performance of these power supplies.

Taking a good look at the raw power of this unit it performs admirably in all respects. Only dropping .09V on the 12V rail under full system load is a very impressive feat in itself. For a company to enter new market segment and try to take a piece of the pie, from their competitors is a pretty strong move for anyone. Sparkle has obviously taken a good hard look at what they were doing before jumping in, as these first few power supplies have been pretty impressive so far.

The SCC-850AF 850W is also user-friendly, running very quietly when idle and load, with the fan managing to keep noise levels impressively low. A wide assortment of sleeved modular cables which are a very decent length and support the latest multiple SLI/CrossFire setups, an easy-to-use connection design, and a strong and unique aesthetic, which further adds to the positives here. 

If you are looking for a good power supply with unique aesthetics, then take a good look at the Sparkle Gold Class. 

Sparkle Gold Class 80PLUS 850W



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