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Smooth Creations LanShark

Posted January 26, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The Aftermath: Summary

It’s not very often that a system like the LanShark comes across my desk, and it was indeed a treat to look at and test for some fun. From the unboxing to the powering up, Smooth Creations has assembled a system that signifies an "event" of sorts, a thing to behold both visually and functionally. Micro ATX setups are not normally something to brag about, but this setup is certainly an exception that shatters that notion. Bringing this rig to a LAN party might not let you capture all the babes, but you will capture all the attention in the room (though if there’s a babe in the room, then just act cool and let her do the talking, trust me).

Having had the opportunity to previously review a Smooth Creations system, I must admit I had very high expectations and I was not disappointed here. The artwork and design of the LanShark is sublime and superb; it is like a fine…….well……..hotrod car, to be honest.
But the fact of the matter is this is a gaming system and while the visual delights are satisfying, there must be substance to the style. And the LanShark does have substance, posting some excellent performance results in a Micro tower setup that will set you apart from the rest. It easily handled every game with all the eye candy cranked up (Crysis Warhead being the expected exception). The specs are not bleeding edge, but for this price they shouldn’t be expected. The setup here is certainly no slouch though. Ranging in price from $1,399 to $2,499 with custom paint jobs available for free, the LanShark isn’t the most inexpensive system out there, but when you consider what you get in return for your investment, it is a rather great deal. To prove my point (and partly out of curiousity), I visited Dell’s website and customized an XPS Gaming system with components very similar to the LanShark for an apples-to-apples comparison as best as possible. The Dell system came out to several hundred dollars more expensive! A Dell. With a plain black case. No acrylic case, no custom airbrushing, no overclocking done for you, no bragging rights in front of all your friends.

I know how long it can take to custom build an acrylic case, how long it can take to hand airbrush a case, and how long it can take to wire a system so the internal cabling is hidden from view, leaving only those visual delights to brag about. And those intangibles you’d see with your friends at a LAN party are also worth something as well. Frankly, the price tag here is great; you’re not just buying a system, you’re buying a piece of art.

It is not easy to put a simple price tag on art, and this system is no exception, but the performance provided in this system offers surprisingly good value for your hard-earned dollar. The LanShark is a powerhouse in a portable setup that will make you the envy of your peers and leave tongues wagging. It appears that Smooth Creations has managed to do an exceedingly difficult task: to live up to the hype.



Smooth Creations LanShark

Our thanks go to Smooth Creations and for providing the LanShark for this review.



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