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Silverstone Strider Gold S Series 850W PSU and PP07 Cable Extensions

Posted January 8, 2014 by Mike in Cases & PSU


Release Date: Currently Available
Price at time of Review: PSU: $149.99 at Newegg.com Cable Extensions: $7.89 to $12.99 at Newegg.com


850W PSU: Near absolute silent operation, strong rail for consistent power delivery, plenty of cables with plenty of length, flat cables for easy management, fully modular, very competitive pricing, good component selection, clean layout, very informative manuals. PP07 cable extensions: Mostly exceptionally well sleeved, sleeving has consistent and tight weave, perfect length, universal PSU compatibility, good range of colors for most systems, easy to shape


850W PSU: cables were a bit difficult to place into hardware connectors on first use, blue PCI-E connectors at the PSU can be distracting. PP07 cable extensions: SATA sleeving a bit baggy
PSU: If you need a small, strong and reliable PSU with great efficiency, the Silverstone Strider 850W PSU should always be a consideration. Cable Extensions: For an easy-to-install and reasonably priced custom look inside your case, look no further than the PP07 Braided Cable Extensions
by Mike
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Final Thoughts

When it comes to small and silent PSU’s, it can sometimes be difficult to select one that not only fits those two criteria, but will also provide clean, reliable power for all of the components in your system. Such is no longer the case with the Strider Gold S Series 850W power supply. Quiet, efficient operation is the name of the game here, and it proved it throughout all of our testing. We encounter almost no installation problems; however, we did notice that the wiring harness ends for all connectors seemed to be a smidgen on the tight side, requiring a bit more force than we were anticipating. Removal of the harnesses at the hardware also became problematic, at times requiring more force than we felt typically comfortable with. After the initial use this problem largely dissipated, so this could very well have been a simple matter of the terminals themselves being just a bit too tight for their own good, thus a fluke. All supplied cables had absolutely no problems reaching the hardware in our test system and should be plenty long enough for all but the largest cases or most obscure applications out there. The PP07 cable extensions were also a joy to work with, proving easy to mold into shape and they were willing to stay that way with relatively little effort.

As of this writing, the Silverstone Strider Gold S Series 850W unit retails for right around $150. At that price, it’s pretty much a no-brainer, since the only power supply in that power range with full modular cables that is less expensive is also manufactured by Silverstone; however, it’s only an 80 Plus Silver rated and therefore a bit less efficient.


The PP07 cable extensions retail for right around eight dollars a piece for 6 pin and 8 pin PCI-E, SATA and 4+4 pin EPS/ATX 12V cables, and right around $12 for the 24-pin cable. With competitive pricing, good looks, great performance and ease of use, Silverstone should be a name that goes on anyone’s list of considerations for their next build. Silverstone’s name is worth more than the precious metal it alludes to, because with products like these they’re golden in our book. These products receive our PureOverclock Editor’s Choice, hands down.


Silverstone Strider Gold S Series 850W PSU


Silverstone PP07 Braided Cable Extensions

Thanks goes out to Silverstone for supplying us with these review samples, and as always please feel free to discuss this and other PC related topics in our forums.




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