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SilverStone Raven RV02

Posted November 9, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The Raven RV02 continues SilverStone’s tradition of solid well engineered cases. To be quite honest, it’s hard to know what to say about the Raven 2 chassis, that you have not most likely already figured out for yourself.  There is no point in me talking about the Raven 2 with a lot of interest and excitement trying to convince you to buy it, but it is my job to relate the facts as I see them so here we go.

 If you want one of the best chassis available, and if you are a particularly proud owner of a top notch Personal Computer, then that means you need to consider buying the SilverStone Raven 2 to house all of your gear. SilverStone’s take on this chassis does everything that you would expect of it and more. Personally I look for a case with enduring sophistication, elegance, functionality and the Raven 2 is all about styling and well accomplished airflow. What it boils down to is what you want in a case and what you consider to be the most important features. Personally I think it would be doing yourself a really big discourtesy if you housed your computer in anything else.

If you are going to be running a massive GPU like the new ATI 5870 in Crossfire whether it is Dual, Triple or Quad this case is going to be the best choice for you hands down. Its innovative tweak on the typical motherboard tray is simply outstanding and adding the extra expansion slot to allow for greater expandability was pure genius.  The removable dust filters are well designed and if you are concerned about dust build up then this case has it covered in spades. If water cooling is your thing, you are going to find the SilverStone Raven 2 irresistible as it has a very easy and user-friendly set up and loads of space, which should be more than enough room for most water cooling loops.

You won’t need many tools when working with the Raven 2. It’s not entirely tool-less but what chassis is, most of the major components can be adjusted in the swing of things with just your hands. The overall build going into this chassis was simply sublime. The only thing I would personally change would have to be the addition of a removable motherboard tray and maybe add an extra space or two for some extra SSD’s or the option for an extra HDD rack. The optical disc drives installed and were secured with out a hitch as were the hard disc dives.

The Raven RV02 is quite simply an excellent piece of kit and is as well-refined as any case you’l find on the market. Priced around $190 USD and assuming you can afford it, this case will not leave you wanting. Bravo SilverStone for designing and building a truly brilliant and highly functional case. If you’re looking for something unique and appreciate top-notch design and functionality, then the Raven RV02 is the one for you.



SilverStone Raven RV02

Our thanks go to SilverStone for providing the Raven RV02 for this review.



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