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Silverstone Raven RV01

Posted June 10, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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What is it about the common raven that instills fear in the hearts of men?  Is it the Bowie knife shape of its beak, or maybe the profound intelligence behind their beady eyes?  Whatever it is about the raven that makes us fear these birds, one thing is certain:  throughout the world, they are steeped in legend, and many times feared.

But, is this not true of us computer enthusiasts, us gamers?  Like the raven that can differentiate the difference between the sound of a gun’s retort and other equally loud noises to find its prey, do we not also listen to the gunfire going on around us to tell where we might find our next “head-shot”?  Many a gamer could learn a thing or two about hunting their prey in games by studying some of the habits of the raven. 

With this in mind, SilverStone has created a new line of enclosures, titled the Raven series; and we shall be taking a look at the first in its line, the RV01.  With an aesthetic that mimics the look and stealth of a raven, even down to the wings, SilverStone is giving us a way to strike fear into our opponents hearts just by showing up with their case in our hands.

The question remains though, is this just another themed case that will end up clogging the shelves of so many distributors, or has SilverStone created an enclosure that could end up revolutionizing the industry yet again.  Let’s take an in-depth look at the Raven RV01, and see if we might be able to shed some light on this dark and mysterious case.

Thanks go to our friends at Silverstone for supplying the review sample.

"SilverStone Technology’s philosophy is based on our recognition that merely having innovative expertise within the industry is not enough.  Our objective is to ensure that our expertise is delivered to all products with consistency, in response to user’s needs, and with maximum user satisfaction.  Silverstone Technology thrives on challenges of rapid technological advancements and creating aesthetic stand for the industry."



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