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Silverstone MS03 and FP35

Posted March 17, 2009 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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by Jake
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At approximately US$55, the SilverStone MS03 is rather pricey for a hard-drive enclosure, but it does offer exceptional portability and it looks fabulous, two things that would account for the additional cost. It depends what you want in an external hard-drive enclosure.  Beyond that, it works, and it works well.  The card reader/power port at US$35 is more reasonable considering what you can do with it; of course, card readers are a dime a dozen these days but the front-panel 5v and 12v ports and cable definitely make it worth the price in my book.  It’s also a good way to add basic front-panel-port functionality to your older cases, especially the eSATA.    The bezel replacement was a bit flimsy but that’s not something you’ll deal with every other day though.  The bottom line is the device worked, and more importantly, it worked well.  And, of course, looked good doing it.

The SilverStone MS03 drive enclosure offers beautiful aesthetics, excellent portability, and some great features but does come with a premium price tag as a result. That may not suit everyone, but for those who are looking for something special, then the MS03 should be on your shortlist. Similarly, the FP35B card reader offers great flexibility, particularly those looking for an upgrade option that won’t break the bank, providing a great product at a reasonable price.

SilverStone SST-MS03

SilverStone FP35B

Our thanks go to SilverStone for providing the MS03 and FP35 for this review.



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