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SilverStone ML09B Mini-ITX HTPC Case Review and Recording Project

Posted April 2, 2018 by Brendan van Varik in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $70.06 for Case, $49.99 for PSU, on Amazon


Quality Design, Nice Layout for SFF, Excellent Price


Included fan is loud and only has a 3-pin connection
In Spite of some challenges to work around, the SilverStone ML09B is a great option for a HTPC case. A builder would probably have a much easier time with more modern components, but more specialized builds can take some work in this chassis.
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by Brendan van Varik
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SilverStone is well-known throughout the PC industry for their products. Whether it’s a case, a fan, or a power supply, they make it. They also produce some high quality external enclosures, but we won’t cross that bridge today. Instead, what we have in front of us is a chassis that SilverStone themselves have described as the “Mini-ITX HTPC Benchmark,” which are their words, not mine. I’ll be the final judge of that one…

The ML09B from the Milo Series is an evolution and variation of SilverStone’s ML06B chassis. The external dimensions have not changed, but the internals have been rearranged to provide a second expansion slot which is crucial to cramming as much GPU power into the rig as possible. As it currently stands, the most powerful low-profile cards that you can fit into these form factors is either an RX 460 or GTX 1050 Ti. As most of you may or may not know, the 1050 Ti is more than capable of running most modern titles at 1080P with decent frame rates, making it ideal for shoving under the TV and enjoying some sofa gaming from afar. Unfortunately, I haven’t got much experience with the RX 460, so I can’t say too much about it in this regard.

We’ll dive into the detailed specs very soon, but first let’s take a minute to learn a little about Silverstone:

Founded in 2003, SilverStone is an established leader in its field, with an elite team of engineers; we started our quest of providing products that create inspirations. We have since expanded the lines of products as well as types of products we produce, giving our customers a wide selection of choices.

With distribution centers in different areas of the globe, SilverStone products can be seen all over the world, not just for computer users but also for home entertainment use. Providing leisure with integration of advanced technologies that is functional and making them enjoyable to use.

Here at SilverStone Technology, we continue to pride ourselves in providing the highest level of standards in designing and manufacturing computer enclosures, power supplies, and accessories. Our pursuit for the first class aesthetic appeal is relentless; our teams of devoted engineers are constantly searching for the best technologies that suit end-users with different needs and will make our products as technologically sound as they are beautiful.

You can read more about Silverstone’s achievements here.



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