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Silverstone Heligon Series – HEO1 CPU Cooler

Posted February 9, 2013 by Kenny in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: $74.99 on Newegg.com


Zero RAM Interference, 2 modes of cooling performance, Capable of handling mild overclock settings


Fan in P mode is loud, Large Cooler may pose problems on some motherboards.
If you are looking for a cooler with cooling modes and zero ram interference, the Heligon Series HEO1 by Silverstone hits the mark with great overall performance.
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by Kenny
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While this cooler didn’t have the fancy colors like we have started to see recently from other brands, Silverstone stuck to the basics and kept a simple, elegant design and style that is Silverstone is known for. The brushed aluminum finish, along with the chrome and nickel plating is something to applaud. We did have some concerns with such a massive cooler, because finding the right fitment on your motherboard could be a cause for concern. As we have started to see, many motherboard manufacturers have started releasing some pretty large heatsinks for VRM cooling, which can sometimes pose problems. While we didn’t have any problems with this one on our motherboard, this is something we feel you should keep in mind.

When it came to its “twin tower” design, we are glad that Silverstone chose a unique design rather than following the crowd. The non-interference with the RAM was a big plus in our book. There are very few air coolers available on the market of this size that will allow for that. Its great to see customers having more options with large coolers that have tell heat speader RAM.

As far as performance is concerned, the HEO1 did a great job and kept our overclocked CPU nice and cool even when overclocked to 4.4ghz. It topped out at 67c in Q mode and 64c in P mode. We must admit that P mode was quite loud due to the fan’s RPMs, and the performance gain of 3 degrees celsius is probably not worth the difference. The cooler did quite well in Q Mode. While it’s great to have options, the avg. user will likely set it up in Q mode and leave it.

Priced at $74.99 on Newegg.com is a bit on the high side; however, the quality of the Silverstone HEO1’s fit and finish really makes up for that. It also has great aesthetic appeal and performance, so this cooler earns our Great Hardware Award.




    Hi I am looking for an air cpu cooler preferably noctua nhd14 but since its non availability at my place and even out of stock at online stores in my country , I would like to know which is the next best air cooler till date. Currently I am running amd 955 be at stock and m5a97 and want to overclock it to max. Maybe I will upgrade to fx8350 . So please suggest a good cooler it should be next best to dh14 or even better ? but strictly an air cooler. Thanks for reading .


      Hi, Thanks for reading our review. There are quite a few coolers out there and perform great. What country are you located in?? If you are in a country that can get a hold of Phenteks, they make great coolers. Also for the AMD set-up, DeepCool Gamer Assassin was a great cooler as well. You can find our DeepCool Gamer Assassin review here as well.

      If you need further help, join our forum and post your questions and we can help you out.

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