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SilverStone Fortress FT01

Posted April 15, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The Silverstone Temjin TJ07 may have been the epitome of case design just a few years ago, but with time comes better design ideas and new ways of approaching old problems.  The SilverStone FT01 chassis has stepped up to the plate and addressed these issues of the past, and through expert innovation has implemented several design ideas that we think should become standard throughout all manufacturers.  The wire management solutions provided may have might have taken their inspiration from the TJ07, but it is rare to see dedication of this quality in regards to cable management in a mid tower case.  It is also rare to be able to find an enclosure that is packaged with sound dampening material pre-installed.

I have to admit that throughout the entire reviewing process, it was actually hard to keep in mind that the FT01 is indeed a mid tower enclosure.  The sheer number of features and attention to detail again helps lend one to think that this case is much larger than it actually is.  Of course being a little larger than your average mid tower chassis helps in the department as well. Currently listing at about $200, and $175 when rebates are applied, the Fortress does command a premium price, but you do get a premium product in return.

Through our testing, we were finally able to put to rest the debate of whether or not the top 180mm fan should be placed in an intake or exhaust setup.  The temperatures spoke for themselves with a 4 degree Celcius difference in idle temps, and a whopping 8 degree Celcius difference in load temps on all three cores of the processor used in the test setup.  The FT01 has also taught us the benefits of a positive air pressure design, and the huge reduction in dust build up will help to ensure that that your parts don’t overheat or wear out much sooner due to high internal case temperatures. 

So, to answer our previous question:  No, the FT01 is not just a Temjin TJ07 packed into a mid tower chassis.  It is much more than that, standing on its own merits and is one of the very best mid tower cases you’ll find.



Silverstone Fortress FT01

Our thanks go to Silverstone for providing the FT01 for this review.



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