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Silverstone Dual Monitor Mount – ARM22SC

Posted September 20, 2013 by Kenny in Monitors







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Price at time of Review: $215 on Amazon.com


Great range of adjustablilty, sturdy design, fits large displays


A bit expensive
If you are looking for a full range dual display mounting solution, the Silverstone ARM22SC hits the mark with quality and durability.
by Kenny
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Installation & Testing

For the installation and testing we mounted this to our IKEA VIKA Desktop. Mounting was simple, After you can put your clamp system together we simple tighten it down to our desk which is about 1″ thick. Installation was easy, with no issues. Here is quick glance at the rear of the base.

Moving to the front of the base, you can see that the base sits nice and flat against our desk and provides a sturdy and attractive aesthetic appeal.

Once we felt everything was positioned where we wanted it, we attached the first set of swing arms. Now, before you do this… there is a retention ring that will need to be fitted. This will allow the adjustments of the height for these arms. Once you have found the position you prefer, simply secure it with the Allen bolts and your done.

Here is a glance of what it should look like once completed. Before you tighten down the arms, make sure it’s where you want it.

Here we added the secondary arms, a view from the rear of the mount.

Here’s a side view of the arms.

Here is the front view of the arms. Here you may start to wonder… the arms do not sit even in the pictures. Well… you are right. Due to the mounting design of the arms, they sit offset to each other. One is about 1.5″ higher then the other. However, this will not be an issue since the arms are fully adjustable. We will cover this a little more later.

Next, we attached the arms to our LCD panels. Since the VESA attachments are not detachable, we had to completely remove the secondary arms to install our panels. We used the included screws and mounted it using the VESA 100mm holes.

Once we got the arm installed, we simply attach the arms back onto the mount and secured it in place.

Here is another look at the arm fully installed.

Now, making our final adjustments was not hard, but it did take some adjusting to get it just the way we wanted. Silverstone advertised that the mount will fit 24″ Monitors (largest it will support); however, depending on how you will adjust your settings we managed to fit TWO 25″ HannsG monitors without issues.

Here we adjusted the panels evenly, side by side sitting 4″ off the desk. This is ideal for most and done with ease.

Some like their panels to sit slightly higher which is completely possible. Here we moved the panels several inches higher. As you can see we ran into no issues here.

Once last final thought on the testing, if you are looking for additional full range of motion, be sure to give yourself enough room at the rear of the desk for the adjustable arms. Otherwise, you may limit your adjustability.

Now that we have taken a closer look at the installation and the final testing of the Silverstone ARM22SC, let’s sum things up.

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