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Seventeam V-Force 850W

Posted December 22, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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You’d think people would traditionally get rather excited about power supplies; I mean, all that power pushing through your system, juicing up those hotrod graphics cards and your crazy overclock on the CPU, right? Traditionally, not really. But thankfully the days of the crappy grey power supplies are quickly becoming ancient history, and consumers have started to more fully realize that a quality power supply is a critical system component in a PC.

To that end, manufacturers have responded to increased demand for quality power supplies from enlightened consumers. As with most products, the power supply market is becoming increasingly competitive, and there are countless choices available. But not all units are created equal, and finding one that provides stable power, runs quietly, looks good, and offers good value for your hard-earned dollar…….now that is a challenge.

Today we’re looking at the Seventeam V-Force 850W power supply, a unit that makes big promises along those lines. You may not be very familiar with Seventeam, but they’ve begun to make inroads lately, and we’re quite anxious to look at this unit to see what they bring to the table. Let’s take a look at the V-Force 850W and see how it fares.

Thanks go to our friends at Seventeam for supplying the review sample.

"Seventeam Electronics is founded in 1986. Its headquarters and R&D center are based in Taipei and currently has instant sale and logistics network in major countries around the world. The power supply products we offer include the power supply for PC and customized power supply for IPC (for industrial and server uses). We dedicate ourselves in promoting the global sale and service network of all Seventeam?s products. Our products are used by various global leading partners in system integration and we also offer multi-faceted OEM.ODM services."



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