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SenTey GS 4840 HARMONIQ PRO 5.1 Gaming Headset Review

Posted June 10, 2014 by Vinny Petronio in PC Audio


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Price at time of Review: MSRP $119.99 USD


Build Quality, True 5.1 surround, Price, Warranty, Lightweight, Comfortable, Carry case and Accessories.


If you're looking for a high quality gaming headset with an actual 5.1 surround experience, then look no farther, because with the SenTey GS 4840 HARMONIQ Pro you’re not only going to get a true surround experience, but more depth of range, and clarity at every level as well.
by Vinny Petronio
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If you’re a gamer, you’re most likely always looking for a gaming experience that not only gives you the highest quality picture, but also outstanding performance to go with it. Typically, a high end video card is of paramount importance, and a good mechanical gaming keyboard and gaming mouse is also essential. Sometimes overlooked is the audio experience that comes with it, but this too plays a significant role in our gaming experience.

With the technology advances that we are seeing today, we are now capable of hearing sounds on a multidimensional sound stage. This includes center, front left/right, rear left/right and base. When we listen to any type of audio in a two-channel mode, especially when gaming, we can sometimes lose a certain depth of what surrounds us. Capturing that is the crux and objective of every audio experience, be it high end speakers on your stereo system, or a high performance gaming headset for your computer.

Today we are very excited as we look at a new arrival from SenTey. This product is from their Professional Gamer Series and is called the GS-4840 SenTey HARMONIQ PRO Gaming Headset. This headset brings many exciting features to pro gamers, one of which is true 5.1 surround. To stay alive or survive in a game now a days, you must be constantly aware of your surroundings both visually and audibly. Let’s face it, the key to winning and surviving during game play can depend on both.


The SenTey HARMONIQ PRO 5.1 gaming headset comes with 6 drivers. Yes you read that right. There are three drivers on each side, one for those highs, one for the mid-range, and one for that deep rich base. Read on as we put the SenTey GS-4840 HARMONIQ PRO through its paces to see if it can help bring you into the winners circle.

Our thanks go out to SenTey for providing us with the review sample.

Here’s a little bit About SenTey.

Founded in 2001, from Doral Florida USA, SENTEY is an international company with knowledge and experience in the IT market sector, dedicated to the creation of innovative components of high quality and performance in the IT Industry. Our core of business are the components utilized for the construction and building of PCs, which are Award Winning; Computer Cases or Computer Chassis, Power Supply Units of Maximum Energy Efficiency, Accessories and Components for the PC Gaming industry that holds the most famous and admirable solutions for the Video Game enthusiast that enjoy overclocking their IT solutions and gamers all around the world. The design of our products is based on four key principal fundamentals: Innovation, Quality, Performance, Client Support and Service. Our commitment is in everything we do and work for, which is to help others and help them living a better way of life.



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    I just checked this on Amazon, and there’s a sale price of $69.99 🙂

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