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Seasonic X-series 850W

Posted December 13, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The X-series 850W power supply looks to continue in the tradition of innovation and quality that that Seasonic is renowned for, and it accomplishes just that, delivering new technologies, solid features, and excellent performance.  From a feature standpoint, the accessories included in this package are adequate, but well packaged that show attention to detail. There is a good assortment of sleeved cables that support SLI/CrossFire setups, and having four 6+2-pin cables on a 850W power supply is great to see included here.

The fully modular setup will help keep the cables to a minimum inside your case, and the lengths are fine for any mid-tower case, though a full tower case may pose problems if you want to route the cables behind the motherboard tray as they may not cleanly reach all the connectors. Perhaps what was most interesting was the utterly clean and uncluttered interiore; the lack of cables was astounding. Further, the quiet operation was impressive, though the fan did kick in when a load was applied, with the Sanyo Denki fan operating very well at keeping things cool at full load and RPMs.

From a functional standpoint, the X-series 850W boasts excellent voltage regulation, very good efficiency, and a quiet operation.  We didn’t experience any dropoff in the +12V rail when we pushed things.

Currently priced around $200 USD, the X-850W is not the most expensive unit in this market segment, but compared to other quality brand names then it does sit near the top range in terms of price. Though when we consider it as in investment, the price isn’t much of a premium over less capable competition, you do get a premium product in return.

The Seasonic X-series 850W offers a great combination of features, aesthetics, quality, versatility, and performance. If you appreciate quality design and construction, then the X-850W will not disappoint you.

Seasonic X-series 850W



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