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Sapphire X800 GTO Ultimate

Posted November 4, 2005 by admin in Video Cards







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Overclocking & Temperatures

When idle the passively cooled solution is perfectly acceptable, but at load it?s creeping a little too high for my liking. I?m not convinced the best choice for this card is passive cooling. In my opinion you really need good airflow in your case to use this card. Anything less than a breeze over it will make the temperatures creep up even higher than the 107 degrees you see here. With proper cooling added in the shape to a Papst 80mm fan the cooler is actually pretty efficient, as the overclocking results will attest.

Overclocking Results: Lady Luck was with me Today

I have to start this part by saying that if you?re going to overclock any GPU that is passively cooled, you better get some real airflow over it. I wouldn?t advise overclocking this card without a fan directly blowing onto it, unless you want it to die an untimely death, that is.

As noted, you must cool this card if you?re going to overclock it, and so taking my own advice I placed an 80mm Papst nearby to aid the cooling. I was already expecting this card to overclock well but my expectations were blown away. This card reached 617 MHz on the core and 1146 MHz on the memory. The memory clock is good, but the core clock is mind blowing. It?s a 54% overclock!? I?m not sure if I?ve just been lucky or if this is indicative of what you can expect on these cards, so I tested another X800 GTO I had to hand. The other card, which is not a Sapphire card reached 570 MHz on the core and 1110 MHz on the memory, so though the Sapphire is probably an above average clocker, it seems the high 500?s are highly likely for all.

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