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Sapphire VID-2X

Posted February 13, 2012 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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It’s a constant battle to keep up computers nowadays, with equipment being upgraded all the time and new standards that pop up over night. Some of the upgrades in the computer industry can stand the test of time however. Premium audio equipment is still a very worthy upgrade and the same thing I believe holds true for monitors. Yes there have been a lot of changes and a few new gimmicks come out over the years. But I’m still using a set of monitors that were manufactured in 2007 and people are still calling this model a contender in the IPS field.

I have had a lot of friends pay the premium for a monitor because they felt it was a more worthwhile upgrade than the fastest memory or hard drive. When it comes down to worthy upgrades I would put multiple monitors at the top of the list; it is simply a whole new experience. There is so much more information that one can take in. Comparing photos side by side in full resolution could not get any better unless you were actually holding them in your hands. Don’t let that boring video conference get you down, continue to work or surf the web on the other screen while acting like you are paying attention.

If you are the outdoors type, look at photos and videos of a park while planning your next trip don’t get me started on the benefits you can see from having multiple monitors while working with CAD models, there just isn’t any other way for me to do this now. I would cry if someone took my other monitor, inevitably I would get fired and have to go back out in the field and hang duct, and once they realized that I was no good at that then I would most likely be mooching off my mom again. I digress though.

The benefit of multiple monitors is not one to be taken lightly. The results and opportunities are real, not to mention Sapphire is making it cheaper and easier. Whether it is Sapphire’s FleX line of video cards or their new VID-2X, you can rest assured that multi-monitor setups are not just for the deep pockets anymore. At a price if about $179, the Sapphire VID-2X is on the expensive side, but if you’re into multi-monitor setups then it might be the thing for you.

Sapphire VID-2X



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