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Sapphire Vapor-X R9 270X

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Posted October 15, 2013 by Sandy Bruce in Video Cards







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Manufacturer: ,
Release Date: Now
Specifications: 1280 Shaders Rops/Tmu 32/80 1100 Mhz Core Clock PCI Express 3.0 1450Mhz Memory clock Effective Memory Clock 5800MHz 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 1 x HDMI 1 x DisplayPort 2 x DVI 4k UltraHD Support


Performance, Price and Value, Cooling, Quiet and looks.


Driver Disc did not contain drivers that would detect the 270x.
When it comes to Price, Performance, Features, Style and Value, all of these are in place with the Vapor-X R9 270x, proving Sapphire has the follow-through. This is an excellent product and worth your attention.
by Sandy Bruce
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One of the keys to a successful technology business is reaching out to customers. Get them interested in the product or services you are offering, and then close the deal by selling them the product or service. In this day and age, which is full of technology junkies, this seems incredibly easy. In most cases it is that easy. Something new and shiny hits the market and we drool on our keyboards. However there are some folks who remain reluctant for a very important reason, follow-through. They wonder if a company will follow-through by providing the best product or service for their hard earned money? If the company accomplishes the sometimes unspoken promise, then the deal is truly complete.

There is a company that has a proven track record of doing just that year after year, product after product. Today we will see if Sapphire Technology can continue the tradition of providing a great value and performance for your hard earned dollars. Following the launch of the new AMD Hawaii based GPUs, Sapphire sent us its new Vapor-X R9-270x so we can measure its commitment to excellence.

From Innovator to Excellence over 10 years!

SAPPHIRE Technology was first formed as a manufacturer and global supplier of graphics cards when ATI (now a division of AMD) adopted the Add-in Board partner (AIB) model for delivering its technology to market. SAPPHIRE has consistently been the market leader with its graphics products. More recently the SAPPHIRE product range has been extended to include a broad range of mainboards and a number of solutions including the award-winning SAPPHIRE EDGE Series of Mini PCs.

This year, SAPPHIRE celebrates 10 years of trading, bringing our successful mix of innovation and customer satisfaction to the global market. During that time we have introduced a number of innovations to the graphics market that are still reflected in our product line-up today.

From all of us at Pureoverclock, Thank you Sapphire for providing us this sample for this review.

Let’s get started by learning a little more on AMDs Hawaii silicon.  


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