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Sapphire Radeon 6770 Vapor-X

Posted June 3, 2011 by Jake in Video Cards







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by Jake
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Lately we’ve looked at quite a few graphics cards in the enthusiast segment, including several from Sapphire’s product lineup. These cards have shown to be quite impressive, with various cooling solutions, voltage tweaking capabilities, and even DVI-only Eyefinity capability that’s removed the need of DisplayPort connectivity for gaming at extreme resolutions.However, we know that not everyone is a hardcore gamer and enthusiast, and there is a large contingent of consumers that need something far more affordable that an still satisfy a gaming craving. While flagship cards may garner much of the hype, it’s the budget cards that command much of the marketshare.

The Sapphire Radeon 6770 Vapor-X is the latest in the AMD lineup, but arrives without the usual fanfare we typically see with the launch of a new Radeon model. It sits belowthe 6790 and above the 6670 in terms of price and performance, positioned to take on the Nvidia GTX 550 Ti in a battle of the budget cards.  Reatiling for about $135, this new Sapphire card is a bit cheaper than its competition but not far from its more powerful Radeon brethren.

Sapphire is known for producing some impressive cards in its Vapor-X lineup that run cool and quiet, and we expect no less from this card as well. But is it a good value card for gamers on a modest budget? Let’s find out.

Pioneers in a new era of how data is displayed and games are played, Sapphire shepherds the performance oriented with ground-breaking solutions to an environment that remains in a constant state of flux and ultimate evolution. For over ten years Sapphire has held true to its unwavering commitment, the commitment to deliver the most feature rich and soundly engineered products.




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