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Sapphire Radeon 5770 FleX Edition

Posted August 12, 2010 by Jake in Video Cards







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by Jake
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Bring on the New Eyefinity

To run Eyefinity, first off you install the Saphire 5770 FleX and boot into Windows. After the system finishes looking for the drivers, etc, just manually install the latest ATI Catalyst drivers, including the Catalyst Control Center. A system restart will be required after this.

Upon reboot, go into the CCC and select the Desktops & Displays option from the top left Graphics pulldown. You’ll see a single large screen, click the black triangle in the upper right.

Then you’ll want to click "Display Group" and then "Create Group". This might be a bit counter-intuitive, but yes, you do need to create a new group to enable Eyefinity.

Then select the orientation that you want. A 3 x 1 will be side-by-side, a 1 x 3 will be oriented on top of each other. You’ll likely want the 3 x 1 option. Click "Accept".

Your displays will go black for a few seconds and then your new desktop will appear, though probably in the wrong orientation of side-by-side. Catalyst will then ask if this is the correct orientation. Click "No" and then a solid blue coloured screen (not a BSOD blue screen) will be shown on one of the monitors. Click the corresponding image in CCC so it knows which monitor is which, and then Click "Done.

That’s all there is to it, and you’re ready to enjoy ultimate widescreen gaming bliss, provided your games support the resolution and aspect ratio as mentioned.

Ok, let’s move onto the specifications and particulars of the Sapphire 5770 FleX and then onto the testing results.

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