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Sapphire Radeon 5770 FleX Edition

Posted August 12, 2010 by Jake in Video Cards







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by Jake
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We’ve tested every Radeon 5000 series model that ATI has released, and we were quite impressed with the 5770 when it first launched. Offering respectable performance at 1680 and 1920 resolutions, it brought great value to the graphics card market, and has continued to be a very good choice for gamers on a modest budget.

But there’s been one feature of the 5000 series cards that has been a bit of a love-hate thing: ATI Eyefinity. Hailed as a technological breakthrough, Eyefinity allows users to essentially span three separate monitors into one large, singular desktop. The lure of this to gamers is that you can play your favourite modern games across three screens that operate as one, and a massively wide field of vision is the result. For gaming, that visual is utterly immersive. But Eyefinity has always had one very big asterisk or caveat: you absolutely must have a monitor or active adapter that runs a DisplayPort connection. And both of those requirements are either uncommon or expensive.

Sapphire now brings what promises to be a game-changer of a card to consumers: the Radeon 5770 FleX. What’s so special about the FleX? Well, it’s the first card that supports Eyefinity out of the box, and no expensive DisplayPort or adapters are required at all. This means that your garden variety DVI-connector monitor can now run Eyefinity. Of course, you still need three monitors to begin with, but the implications, both cost and technological, are significant.

Sapphire may have one very special card for consumers. Let’s dive in and take a close look at the 5770 FleX and see if it indeed is a game-changer.


Pioneers in a new era of how data is displayed and games are played, Sapphire shepherds the performance oriented with ground-breaking solutions to an environment that remains in a constant state of flux and ultimate evolution. For over ten years Sapphire has held true to its unwavering commitment, the commitment to deliver the most feature rich and soundly engineered products.



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