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SAPPHIRE Nitro R7 370 Review

Posted July 12, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Video Cards


Price at time of Review: $135 on Newegg after $15 Rebate, but out of stock


Professional Aesthetic, Solid Gaming Performance, Excellent Cooler design


Poor Overclocking Performance
This is a compelling option for those who need performance at a low cost. If you wait for the right price, you can probably find one close to $115 until the Rx 470 starts phasing it out.
by Josh Jackson
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It’s been a long wait for the day that I would get to review my first graphics card. Well, the wait is over and we’ll be looking at the SAPPHIRE Nitro R7 370 . With the RX 480’s release, as well as the 470 and 460 looming on the horizon, the 370 isn’t going to be relevant much longer. Still, the card can be a great budget option for many games and the best part is getting to see how well SAPPHIRE does with their version of it.

SAPPHIRE is a company I’ve always enjoyed following. My first card from them was a Radeon X1950 Pro, many years ago. Over time, the card has upgraded to a Vapor-X variant of the R9 290, but my experience with them has been really good throughout. SAPPHIRE recently started using the Nitro branding on many of their cards and it looks like the trend is going to continue with one of the RX 480 releases. By now, it’s pretty easy to see how well the R7 370 performs through some quick Google searches, but this a great opportunity to see how well SAPPHIRE does with their thermal and acoustic performance. We’ll dive right in, but first let’s see SAPPHIRE’s approach to introducing technology to us.Sapphire Logo

SAPPHIRE Technology has long been established as a leading manufacturer and world-wide supplier of graphics products for the PC sector. Its AMD Radeon™ based products are just as well known in the mainstream PC markets as they are to the gaming and performance graphics enthusiast. Now SAPPHIRE has expanded its reach to the Professional and Embedded market sectors.

Innovation, performance and value for money have traditionally made SAPPHIRE the supplier of choice for graphics. SAPPHIRE was the first company to introduce silent cooling solutions based on fanless heatpipe technology and continues to offer this technology in its ULTIMATE series. It was again first to introduce the revolutionary Vapour Chamber Technology to graphics cards, giving quieter and more efficient cooling to high performance graphics products with its Vapor-X cooling solutions. Product variations such as the SAPPHIRE TOXIC range delivers users higher performance straight out of the box, and enthusiasts greater opportunities for performance tuning. SAPPHIRE also offers a range of PC mainboards in some of its global markets.

PGS (Professional Graphics Solutions) is a division of SAPPHIRE that has been selling professional graphics products and solutions in the APAC region for several years. The AMD FirePro range of workstation products is well known in the industry and includes high performance products for computer aided design, content creation and multi-screen displays for Digital Signage and other applications. Now appointed by AMD as the Exclusive Global Distribution Partner for AMD FireProTM professional graphics solutions, SAPPHIRE has expanded its team to offers these solutions across its global territories.

SAPPHIRE’s expertise in graphics and mainboards, and its capability to customise solutions also lends itself to the market for embedded applications, such as those found in gaming machines, surveillance and security installations and equipment for medical imaging. SAPPHIRE set up its Embedded Business Unit specifically to address this market. New products have been developed, including small format mainboards and multi-output graphics solutions, which together with SAPPHIRE’s existing portfolio puts the company in a unique position to offer top to bottom solutions from professional graphics, through integrated solutions to discrete consumer graphics.



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