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Samsung USB 3.0 16GB and FIT 32GB Review

Posted November 11, 2015 by Jake in


Price at time of Review: $18, $22


Sleek design; very small; very fast; well priced


Plain drives with no fancy software or frills
Great combination of speedy performance, tiny form factor, and affordable price sets the FIT apart.
by Jake
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We’ll be using ATTO and Crystal Disk Mark for testing today, to showcase the typical performance of each Samsung USB 3.0 drive.

First up, let’s start with the 16GB model:

Here we see that the Read results top out around 154MB/s, which is considerably faster than Samsung’s claimed speeds, while the Write speeds reach just above 68MB/s. That’s very speedy, and certainly good enough for photo storage, movie playback, and data transfer.

Next up, the 32GB model:

More of the same with the Write speeds, hovering around 150MB/s. But look at those Write speeds, topping out at just over 100MB/s. Impressive.That’s significantly faster than Samsung’s claims, and suffice it say this will provide more than enough speed for any demanding user or professional.

Crystal Disk Mark

Next, let’s look at the Crystal Disk Mark results.

First the 16GB:

Much of the same here. Excellent Read speeds, above Samsung’s specs, and adequate Write speeds.

Moving onto the FIT 32GB:

Again we see very impressive results here, with an improvement of almost 75% on the Write results. Clearly, this tiny flash drive is a speedy beast in disguise.

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    What they need to do is making these things all water proof so if you are carrying them on a key chain or have them in your pocket or whatever the data is safe from being corrupted if you drop this in a puddle or a decent amount of water by mistake. As for Samsung well considering my experience with a tv of their’s recently which was supposed to be a good model I am not anxious to buy one of their tvs. Also I have to say the blacks in my first Samsung tv which is a 51″ plasma 3D 1080p tv really didn’t take long to degrade in richness. I am now open to other brands after my experiences with Samsung over the last 5 or 6 years.

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