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Samsung USB 3.0 16GB and FIT 32GB Review

Posted November 11, 2015 by Jake in


Price at time of Review: $18, $22


Sleek design; very small; very fast; well priced


Plain drives with no fancy software or frills
Great combination of speedy performance, tiny form factor, and affordable price sets the FIT apart.
by Jake
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With Samsung jumping back into the retail memory storage market in a big way not long ago, they’ve continued the evolution of their USB 3.0 lineup, previously with matching colour schemes for their flash card products, and now here again with the USB drives. So these look very familiar despite being new.

Both products are USB 3.0, boasting claimed speeds above 130MB/s. While both flash drives are small but the FIT (32GB model shown above), is positively pint-sized, and not much bigger than the USB interface itself.

Suffice it to say that Samsung is targeting the FIT for consumers who expect solid performance and don’t have any excess physical space available for storage. A 64GB model is available, and you would have no issues moving it on the go; in fact, you’d best be careful you don’t lose it, since it’s so tiny.

Out of the package, both USB 3.0 drives are finished in a metallic housing, with our normal 16GB model have two holes for attaching a lanyard, and rather sleek.

The FIT, on the other hand, is even smaller and has a simple white plastic face with Samsung’s logo on the front. The metal housing has the capacity noted in an etched finish, in this case it’s 32GB. Really, there isn’t much else to these drives, as they’re very minimalist and compact.

In terms of features, it’s important to note that Samsung has created these USB 3.0 drives to be extremely durable. This includes being waterproof up to 24 hours in seawater (so no worries about losing your family videos while on vacation, even if your camera is destroyed); Temperature resistant from -25° to 85° Celcius (taking it skiing perhaps?), X-Ray proof for protection of your data while in airports; and Magnetic proof for withstanding any influences from nearby home theater speakers, for example.

The end result is that your data is more valuable than the physical devices doing the recording. Memories are irreplaceable and priceless, and the durability of a card is the last thing you should have to worry about.

Let’s move onto testing next and see how fast these drives will read and write your data.

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    What they need to do is making these things all water proof so if you are carrying them on a key chain or have them in your pocket or whatever the data is safe from being corrupted if you drop this in a puddle or a decent amount of water by mistake. As for Samsung well considering my experience with a tv of their’s recently which was supposed to be a good model I am not anxious to buy one of their tvs. Also I have to say the blacks in my first Samsung tv which is a 51″ plasma 3D 1080p tv really didn’t take long to degrade in richness. I am now open to other brands after my experiences with Samsung over the last 5 or 6 years.

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