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Samsung SF510 Notebook

Posted December 29, 2010 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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The Samsung SF510 is quite a good notebook. Aesthetically speaking, the Samsung SF510 has a beautiful finish with its white exterior, and black and gunmetal interior. The attention to design is excellent, something Samsung is known for, and the SF510 feels very solid and capable, with a build quality that is well done.

The ergonomics of the SF510 are comfortable and natural for the most part, though Shift and Enter key are a bit small and awkward in order to fit the full numeric keypad. The full keypad is a unique but I’m not convinced its inclusion outweighs the tradeoffs. The touchpad is very nicely appointed, fitting seamlessly into the overall design and very non-descript. The gesture capability works quite well but you must be precise with your movements or the response won’t be snappy.

In terms of performance, the SF510 brings a good Core i3 processor to the table, and component performance was pretty good as well, although the integrated graphics are definitely the weak link here. The 64-bit operating system is a good move since there is 4GB of memory installed, though the hard drive tends to handcuff things a bit in certain applications. Frankly, an SSD upgrade would work wonders here but the budget would suffer as a result. Multimedia playback was strong and without issue, and general multitasking was good as well. There isn’t much heat produced by the SF510, even under full system load, so using it on your lap shouldn’t pose any issues for longer periods of time. The screen displayed robust and vibrant colours, with pretty good viewing angles side-to-side, but vertical angles were a bit less forgiving. The sound quality was satisfactory with some decent bass and avoided much of the tinny sound we often find in notebooks

The only real downside here is the price is a bit too steep for the features and performance. There’s no Blu-ray drive or hefty processor, and while the aesthetics are quality are top notch, good looks will only get you so far. In the end, the Samsung SF510 proved to be a capable notebook, sporting very stylish aesthetics, good features, solid build quality, and reasonable performance for regular daily use.

Samsung SF510 Notebook



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