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Samsung MicroSD PRO 32GB and EVO 16GB Review

Posted June 6, 2014 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs


Price at time of Review: EVO 16GB = $15; PRO 32GB = $37


Sleek design; killer performance; great value;


Pining for 64GB models
MicroSD cards with impressive combination of function, speed, and value.
by Jake
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With the proliferation of mobile devices, storage is becoming more important, and particularly in a small form factor. Phones, tablets, cameras of various sorts – they typically rely on external storage media for anything substantial, whether photos, movies, music, and so on. Media is consumable, and it seems we can’t get enough.

We’re all familiar with SD card, and as devices have gotten smaller, microSD cards are becoming the norm. We certainly want smaller, but we also want larger capacity. It seems 16GB is the minimum these days, particularly if you have any notions of bringing small kids on long car rides and want to keep them busy watching movies.

Samsung is a mobile device behemoth of a company, needing no introduction. Interestingly, Samsung has been out of the retail SD market for quite some time. That’s now changing, however, as Samsung has re-entered the market, with new products, new branding, and new goals.

Not unlike Samsung’s vaunted SSD drives, the new microSD cards sport the EVO and PRO monikers, targeting different consumers who have varying speed needs, and budgets to match. It appears Samsung has something for everyone in the small form factor media storage market.

Today we’re looking at the Samsung microSD PRO 32GB and EVO 16GB cards. They promise very different speeds for consumers and professionals alike, and we’ll discuss those differences as we take a closer look at what Samsung has to offer with their big splash back into the retail market.




    I’m curious to know why the write speed, Pro version, of the 32GB (up to 80MB) is almost twice as fast as the 64GB version (up to 50MB).


    I have bought Smasung Pro 32 model: MB-MG32D and run some checks on using CrystalDiskMark 3.0.3 x64 and numbers doesn’t come close to what you have published here. seq read was little above 30MB/s and write pretty much the same. I bought that card to use it with action cameras and as the seq write speed is above recomended it if far from your scores.

      Sandy Bruce

      You do realize that you will get a different result based on a host of factors right? Different CPU, Different board, Different controller, OS, programs running in the background, running the bench on a notebook, so on and so on. We run the benchmarks on a clean test bench to prevent outside software or hardware from hindering the results. If you did not run crystaldiskmark in the same fashion, you will not get the same results. I am sure your SD card is running just fine in your camera. In your PC or notebook is a different issue.

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