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Samsung MicroSD Pro Endurance 128GB Card Review

Posted August 10, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Storage, HDs & SSDs


Price at time of Review: $79.99 on Amazon


Solid Performance, Durability


by Josh Jackson
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Price and Conclusion

Let’s address that $80 price tag on Amazon. That’s pricey! In fact, it’s pretty easy to find 128GB microSD cards in the $20-$30 range right now. You might be scratching your head, but the important factor here is the endurance. Samsung claims that these cards can handle 25x the amount of recording that traditional speed based cards can handle. If that claim is true, then we can understand the reasoning behind this price. When data integrity is of utmost importance, this is likely the microSD card you want to trust. However, the only true way to test that quality would be to test it 5 years. I doubt anyone wants to wait that long.

That said, it brings up an interesting question though. How dependent are important video recordings on microSD cards? Many facilities would have a full security system recording to a storage array of hard drives. Home security cameras use microSD, but home users aren’t as likely to care much. Of course, the one huge exception could be dash cams. If a policy requires them on company vehicles, data integrity would be very important. While the Samsung Pro Endurance isn’t the greatest option for storing games on your smartphone, some of you might have a solid recording use for this kind of microSD card. We happily award Samsung the Pure Overclock Great Hardware Award!

Samsung Pro Endurance



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