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Samsung EVO Plus Micro SD 128GB Memory Card Review

Posted March 29, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Storage, HDs & SSDs


Price at time of Review: $99.99 MSRP


Great performance, Lots of capacity, Easy to plug in and start using


Still a bit pricey, but not outside the realm of reason either
If you're a content creator in need of extra storage, Samsung's Evo Plus lineup should definitely top your list as a solution for your recording devices.
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by Josh Jackson
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One thing I really want to bring my reviews back to is the user’s experience with a product. With Samsung, I’ve learned that very few companies can even come close to giving the experience Samsung gives. It doesn’t matter if it’s a micro SD card, an SSD for PCs, or my Galaxy S7 smartphone. My end experience is always great with Samsung. I never had any issues plugging the Evo Plus in multiple devices, running my tests, or recording video when I was seeing if I could beat the 4 GB limit. The ease of use, compatibility and dependability are all reasons why I say Samsung gives the user a great experience.

In the case of the Evo Plus 128 GB micro SD card, we have great performance as always. Our benchmarks were very reasonably close to what Samsung advertises. In fact, I’m debating buying a 3.1 SD card adapter to help ensure my card readers aren’t causing bottlenecks in the future. You may not see it in action, but that card is going to be a major staple of my future video reviews. The inclusion of the SD adapter is a minor detail that makes a world of difference for users. Take my case for example. I have to use a card reader on an Intel laptop to make sure I can take advantage of USB 3.0 speeds. That tiny inclusion is easy to overlook, but if it wasn’t included, I could be scrambling trying to make my testing work.

Samsung Evo+ 128 pics (3)

The only thing we can try to nitpick Samsung about is their pricing. Even then, it’s not fair to go there. Sure, you pay a bit more for their performance, but they aren’t charging outrageous premiums. It looks like the Evo Plus U3 line is getting enough traction to bring pricing down a bit, but the added performance will cost extra. The 256 GB card is down to around $150 on Amazon. That’s a nice drop from the $250 it was originally. The MSRP for the 128 GB is $99.99 and I admit, that’s a bit steep compared to some other options. On the other hand, no one seems to come close to the read AND write speeds the Evo Plus has and if you simply need capacity, Samsung has more affordable options that aren’t geared to 4k content creators.

Take it all in because as you could imagine, the Samsung Micro SD EVO Plus 128GB Memory Card easily earns the Pureoverclock Editor’s Choice Award!



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