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Samsung Green 8GB DDR3-1600 VLP

Posted December 19, 2011 by Jake in RAM







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by Jake
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Memory is probably one of the most volatile markets that a company can enter, especially when we start to drop names like Kingston, Crucial, and Corsair. We know that OCZ exited the memory arena not long ago, so does that mean Samsung is looking to pick up the slack marketshare? Samsung often supplies OEM memory, so it’s rather interesting the company is looking to make more of a splash in the retail market with their latest kit: the Green Series.

The Samsung Green lineup are very low profile memory modules that are power-frugal, and appears to be ideally suited to a setup like an HTPC. These aren’t extreme performance overclocking sticks, but they come with an attractive price tag of only $55 for an 8GB DDR3-1600 kit. They look sleek, the slimline design is rare, but what about performance? Do the Green modules sacrifice too much in speed results? To test this, we’ll pit them against a high performance memory kit to see what happens.

Let’s jump in and take a closer look to find out.

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    u guys really dont know these ram ?

    other sites have posted at 2.8ghz with these ram

    and have done daily stable 2.4ghz cl 11,11,11 with them under 1.65v

    so get ur facts straight

    also they do 1866mhz cl 9 at stock voltage 1.35v and do 2133mhz cl 9 at 1.5v

    really go to newegg read comments search on google for reviews


    Nicholas we know the ram fine and New Egg is hardly a source for experts to look at with any credence. our fact are 100% straight. If you want to discuss the issue join our forum.


    It would have been great to see you guys push these, perhaps doing a “follow up” after Ivy Bridge was released, the strength of its IMC revealed, and the potential of these sticks fully realized.

    As a competitive bencher, while these aren’t my go-to sticks for anything, they’re an amazing amount of fun. It’s as close as possible to working with a “blank slate” as far as memory is concerned, as when I get a kit with Hypers, PSC, BFR/CFR/MFR, and other highly-binned IC’s, I usually have a good idea of what to expect, and where they’ll top out.
    Granted, many higher-performance memory kits now use the same HYK0 IC’s utilized in these (increasingly rarer) Samsung LP-DDR3 DIMM’s, including but not limited to:
    – G.Skill Trident X (THE best currently produced memory line)
    – G.Skill Ripjaws Z (some of the lower bins, and while my favorite X79 kit ever (2133CL9-GBZH 4x4GB) uses Hynix BFR/CFR, it gives the 1600-1866 and 2133 11-11-11-30 kits some serious potential)
    – TEAM Xtreem “Benching Kits” (single-sided DIMM kits used solely for high frequency benching, reaching in excess of 1550MHz)
    – Corsair Dominator Platinum kits (extremely tightly binned, vastly overpriced, and another turd dropping in the toilet that is Corsair’s product lineup, these sticks have less than a 40% chance of even clocking one bin higher out of the 28 kits I’ve benched, and that’s on LN2! On air, you’re looking at less than a 20% chance! Epitome of style before substance, bling before, well, anything… You get the idea!)

    Personally, I got lucky in that my local Micro Center had a HUGE surplus of these, so I was able to cherry pick kits based on production dates/IC’s/etc, and ended up getting 68 total 4GB DIMMs for less than $8/piece!

    So far, with my de-lidded 3770K @ 5.48Ghz (1.579v, XSPC Raystorm block w metal hold-down bracket; Prolimatech PK-3 between die/IHS and IHS/Block = 33C drop), Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP7 board (XSPC VRM Block), 1-3x MSI GTX680 Lightning’s depending on the bench (@ 1498Mhz Core + 7468Mhz VRAM for most, stable 3D up to 1623Mhz Core + 7604Mhz VRAM with some serious voltage; a trio of limited run Aquacomputer AquagraFX 680Ltg blocks keep them cool), Samsung 840Pro 256GB SSD, LittleDevilPC Custom-Made Tech Bench in White, NZXT HALE90 V2 1200W PSU with custom-made cables (18AWG White Wire with Lutro0’s core-less Paracord sleeving done heatshrinkless), 5x 140mm 118CFM fans blowing over the board/cards/etc (one blowing from the bottom up to the back of the CPU socket)….
    Two loops, a single for CPU to make it easy to exchange for a pot or phase change cooler, consists of a 24v D5 Strong and 2x Alphacool Monsta 560 radiators with Bgears Blasters in Push-Pull (1/2×3/4″ tubing and Bitspower comp fittings).
    The second loop consists of the GPU’s, the Motherboard VRM Block, and the RAM block; cooling the memory is a custom MIPS pure copper universal 4-DIMM RAM Block that actually has water channels running alongside the entirety of both sides of each DIMM, the only RAM block to do so. Fujipoly 18w/mK 0.5mm-thick thermal tape is used between the IC’s and the block. An MCP35X2 dual pump with heatsink moves water through the blocks and the 3x UT60 560 radiators with Bgears Blasters in P-P + Phobya 1080 Extreme 20fpi with 18x San Ace 120x38mm 3800rpm fans and 20mm(push)/7mm(pull) shrouds.

    Delta T for CPU is ~0.4 to 1.3 Celsius, and for the other loop it is between 0.4 and 1.45C.

    RAM stays within 1C of water temp, so about 20C max.


    DDR3-2000 7-8-9-20 1T
    DDR3-2200 8-8-10-20 1T
    DDR3-2400 9-10-11-23 1T
    DDR3-2600 10-10-12-24 1T
    DDR3-2828 11-10-12-27 1T
    DDR3-2993 12-12-13-27 1T
    DDR3-3098 12-13-13-30 1T
    DDR3-3178 12-14-13-31 1T

    Not bad for some low budget, low voltage memory, eh???

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