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Samsung EVO+ and PRO+ Micro SD Review

Posted July 2, 2015 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs


Price at time of Review: TBA


Fast and Super-fast performance


May be a small price premium
High capacity and fast, exactly what you want for your media storage needs.
by Jake
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Bigger is sometimes better, and ironically, smaller can be as well. As we’ve seen today, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds: higher storage capacity in a small form factor for Micro SD cards. Portability and durability are two essential qualities for a card, but speed is where products are made or broken in this market. And it seems that Samsung has managed to accomplish these criteria in impressive fashion, making durable and quick cards with both the EVO+ and PRO+ models.

The EVO+ target market is mainstream consumers who need portability, reliability, and good value for their mobile devices. With fast Read speeds of 95MB/s and respectable 25MB/s Read speeds, If you need a high capacity card for your photos, movies, or music, then the Samsung EVO+ is the right choice for you here.

The Samsung PRO+ on the other hand, is an absolute performance beast. Pushing Read speeds over 95MB/s and Write speeds of 85MB/s, this card can easily handle the frame buffer output on Burst Mode for the best DSLR cameras on the market. You’ll experience no buffer dump delays here with photos or video. If you’re serious about performance, then the Samsung PRO+ is the one you definitely want.

Demand for small form storage is on the rise, and Samsung appears poised to flex its muscle by making a splash in the retail flash market with the newly-appointed EVO+ and PRO+ models. The EVO+ is geared to the mainstream consumer who needs reliability and affordability for their mobile devices, while the PRO+ is a juggernaut in a tiny package for those who demand the best.

As of publishing time, pricing is not yet available (we’ll update when it is), but given Samsung’s history with the EVO and PRO model predecessors, we expect very competitive pricing for consumers. Even if there’s a small premium, you get what you pay for here; you can’t go wrong choosing either card, depending on your needs.

But we’re speed junkies here at PureOC, regardless of product type, and while the Samsung EVO+ is certainly a great value purchase, the Samsung PRO+ is a speed demon and gets our top recommendation.

Samsung EVO+ 64GB Micro SD

Samsung PRO+ 32GB Micro SD



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