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Samsung 850 EVO 2TB Review

Posted August 24, 2015 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs




Sleek and slimline; Innovative features; Fast stock performance; Insane performance with RAPID Mode; Well priced for what you get


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Samsung has an excellent overall package here, with great features, innovative technologies, and superb performance.
by Jake
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We’ve had the opportunity to examine many solid state drives over the past few years, but what we’ve seen from Samsung is nothing short of drool-inducing. The 850 EVO 2TB is the latest model which continues to impress us, bringing a very large capacity without sacrificing performance. Looking rather plain in its black finish, it’s a beast under the hood, thanks to some very innovative and unique features.

Samsung has brought some handy software utilitizes such as drive optimization, management, security encryption, and the Data Migration feature; that’s an excellent combination for novice users who may not understand the intricacies of data management, or for the average consumer simply looking to upgrade.

Solid performance is where the attraction continues, as the combination of 3D V-NAND and controller manage to keep the 850 EVO very speedy at stock settings, with enough space to satisfy most storage needs. But where things get really interesting is with the RAPID Mode technology. The 850 EVO simply leaves us speechless when RAPID Mode is enabled. With performance increases like this, the question is why wouldn’t you enable RAPID Mode? Keep in mind, this performance increase is simply the the result of tapping into your system’s idle resources; there is no additional cost here.

So the 850 EVO has the features, innovation, and performance. What about price? As it stands, the 850 EVO 2TB is about $750. That’s not cheap, but let’s compare apples to apples here: most 960MB / 1TB SSDs on the market are about $350 at a minimum. Double that price for double the capacity of 2TB here, and you’re left with a very reasonable price tag. Also consider there are essentially no equals on the market, and this Samsung drive stands alone. So if you want the best, then you shell out a bit extra. That said, we do think it’s a solid investment for your system, assuming you care about top performance and very large storage capacity.

Samsung has an excellent overall package here, with great features, innovative technologies, and superb performance. If you’re looking for a high capacity SSD that’s blistering fast, you really need to consider the Samsung 850 EVO.

Samsung 850 EVO 2TB



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