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Samsung 850 EVO 2TB Review

Posted August 24, 2015 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs




Sleek and slimline; Innovative features; Fast stock performance; Insane performance with RAPID Mode; Well priced for what you get


It ain't free
Samsung has an excellent overall package here, with great features, innovative technologies, and superb performance.
by Jake
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We’ve seen plenty of solid state drives over the past few years, and some basic unquestionable facts remain. First, they are remarkably fast. Second, and until somewhat recently, they have typically been available only in limited storage capacities. Lastly, prices continue to fall, making large capacities not only possible but more attractive to consumers. Buying a 128GB SSD used to be something many people aspired to, though most want something bigger, assuming the budget can support it. For those on a tight budget, the 128GB might be fine, but for those looking to loftier capacities, we have today’s subject of our review: the Samsung 850 EVO 2TB SSD.

We all know that storage capacities increase as prices decrease, and what was considered “large” not long ago is now considered “small” in terms of storage. Certainly this comes as no shock to anyone. So, why a 2TB SSD? Surely a 480GB SSD would be enough, no? Maybe, but when are we ever satisfied with “enough” when it comes to tech? Want to go big? Well, a 2TB SSD should be more than enough space to install plenty of games, guaranteeing superfast load times, and just about any other type of application that might feed off the speed. Photoshop on steroids? Sure. Lighning quick multi-tasking? Why not.

Large capacity is one thing, but Samsung has something very special under the hood with this 2TB drive: RAPID Mode. As you’ll see, RAPID Mode is unlike anything you’ve seen before, promising astonishing performance increases.

Buckle up and let’s take a closer look at the Samsung EVO 2TB and see just what this supersized SSD can do.



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