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Saitek Cyborg

Posted April 20, 2009 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Saitek is trying to carve into a mouse market that is almost exclusively dominated by two companies, Logitech and Razer. This is no small feat. But Saitek is known for innovation, and they’ve stretched the boundaries with several of their other products in the past, successfully blending aesthetics and function. They’ve continued this tradition in the Cyrbog, a mouse that certainly is unlike anything on the market.

The Cyborg features a plethora of buttons, which is both a blessing and a curse. The design intent is clear but the execution isn’t quite as successful, particularly in the thumb buttons that can be easily mispressed. Gamers want a mouse not only to work well, but to work simply and exactly the way they intend. This is where the Cyborg poses an issue; some people may not care or notice the difference, but some certainly will. Similarly, the innovation with the motorized mechanism to elongate the mouse is innovative and commendable, but in the end it may be unnecessary to most people once the initial novelty wears off, though I’m sure some resourceful fellows might use it in creative and interesting ways to entertain friends at a LAN party.

With a current price tag of $40 USD, the Cyborg is well-priced but in this range it is on the cusp of competing against a few established products in the market that are about $10 more, putting the Cyborg in for some stiff compeition. If you’re looking for an affordable gaming mouse that’s unique and feature-rich, the Saitek Cyborg isn’t without some drawbacks, but it does garner a good look at that price.



Saitek Cyborg Gaming Mouse

Our thanks go to Saitek / Mad Catz for providing the Cyborg for this review.



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