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Saitek Cyborg

Posted April 20, 2009 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Venturing outside the box is always a risky thing. People like familiarity, yet they often want things to be new and different. Sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes a miss, but the constant is that innovation pushes the boundaries of what things can be, possibly even what they should be. Why can’t things be different? The key, however, lies in the fact that different isn’t always better; sometimes it’s just…..different. The trick, then, is to somehow be innovative and different, but temper that with a healthy dose of reality once in awhile.

A computer mouse is a mouse is a mouse, right? It’s got buttons, fits in your hand, moves around on a desk. Innovation, you say? We’ve seen many mice in all shapes and sizes, each claiming to be better, or different, or innovative. Rarely they are, and those that are oftentimes do so at the expense of functionality, ergonomics, or cost. Today we get the opportunity to take a look at a new rodent that promises innovation, functionality, and an affordable price to boot: the Saitek Cyborg gaming mouse.

The Cyborg certainly looks different, and it does have some very unique features, but how does it work and feel when chasing down the little noobies in a busy CS:S or CoD:WaW server? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Our thanks go to our friends at Saitek / Mad Catz for supplying the review sample.

"Saitek designs and manufactures consumer electronics products which work together to improve the user’s multimedia, gaming and communications experiences. Constant innovation, superior technology and a high degree of functionality make Saitek products the choice of computer users around the world.The Saitek product range today includes mice, keyboards, headsets, PC gaming controllers, as well as other PC peripherals. The latest addition is a new family of innovative and practical audio products designed to improve users’ digital entertainment experiences. Saitek and Cyborg are registered trademarks of Saitek and its affiliated companies. In November 2007, Saitek was acquired by Mad Catz Interactive, Inc., a publicly-listed, leading global provider of interactive entertainment peripherals."



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