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Rosewill Valens 600M PSU Review

Posted April 18, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: While the 600M is limited in availability, the Valens series ranges from $54.99-$79.99 on Newegg


Gold Rating, Semi-modular, Great Voltage regulation under safe loads, Excellent Pricing on Newegg


Slightly Noisy Fan
While we recommend you over-rate your wattage needs by around 25% for safety, the Valens should be a great choice to give you gold rated efficiency while allowing you to allocate funds to other components in your system.
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by Josh Jackson
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It’s time to wrap this review up and make heads or tails of what we’ve seen today. Overall, everything went really smooth with the Valens. The noise levels are a bit higher than upper tierĀ units, but that comes as no surprise when I consider other units I’ve had experience with in the past. Voltage regulation was really tight and I love the fact that you get a semi-modular unit that only has the motherboard and CPU cables hard-wired in. I didn’t see any issues with accidentally plugging a wrong cable into a socket so it’s hard to argue with what Rosewill has on hand here.

Valens PureOC

Availability on the 600M is scarce, but that seems to be for good reason. The non-modular 600W and the modular 700M are both available at excellent prices on Newegg, which are $60 and $80 respectively. Considering the Valens series is gold rated, it’s hard to find a unit that can compare to them. It would be very easy to give this a wholehearted recommendation but we have to remember the nature of this review as well.

I don’t put a ton of stock in customer reviews, but I do take notice of them. When it comes to power supplies, it’s almost impossible to find a unit that doesn’t have DOA issues and the Valens is no exception. This can make it hard to ignore the mantras of finding the best PSU possible for your system. If I had the equipment to really stress the PSU, I could give a better recommendation based on raw performance, but for now I’ll simply try and glean the best picture I can for the purpose of this review. In short, as long as you are looking for a unit that gives you some decent wattage headroom, the Valens is great because it not only gives extra features, but also has an excellent price to match. In light of our usage recommendations, we can say the Rosewill Valens 600M PSU has earned a Pureoverclock Editor’s Choice Award!



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